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You should know: about Reddit Pro Tools browser extension

*Edit: I hope this doesn’t come across as spam. I meant it as a helpful tip for navigating reddit and identifying trolls. If you guys feel it’s out of place here, I’ll take it down.*

I thought this was more widely known than it apparently is – Reddit Pro Tools is helpful for recognizing trolls ‘in the wild’ of reddit and I highly recommend it. I don’t know if it’s available on any browsers except Chrome, though. Here’s [a link to the Chrome extension](

Why is it so helpful? Reddit Pro Tools tags a variety of ‘trolls,’ with many options to customize who/what you consider ‘trolling.

Here’s [a screenshot]( of the tagging options. Note you can tag users with ‘good’ karma too – Politics OG, for instance, signifies someone with very high karma in political-themed subreddits. I usually disable these because I prefer to only have ‘warning’ tags.

Some definitions:

* [Deplorable] is a user with high karma in [subreddits like T_D](
* [Troll] is a user with low karma on the entire account, no matter what subreddits they are active in
* [Sub troll] is a user with low karma in the current subreddit you’re in
* [Frank] is a user with a new account

You can also have Pro Tools tag domains based on the political bias. Personally, I find the[ extreme right bias]( tag the most helpful because when scrolling through /r/politics, it makes it easy to just ignore those.

Experiment and figure out what settings work best for you! If you want to know what settings I have found the most helpful, I can post those in the comments.

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