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2 thoughts on “Why Britain needs its own Mueller.

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  2. This article is from November, but after the recent events (Roger Stone’s indictment) this might take a different meaning, since it highlights a lot of details regarding the London connection that Mueller’s indictments have only hinted at so far.

    It’s amazing how both cases look so similar:

    Constant talks with the Russian ambassador and russian representatives, including one that was later expelled for Skripal’s attack.

    Britain’s version of Maria Butina, Katia Zatuliveter, who boned a british MP for higher access. EDITED TO ADD: Later married to Arron Banks, the biggest donator to the Leave Campaign, both of whom later attended Trump’s inauguration.

    Money laundering through companies to make political donations with russian money into the Leave Campaign.

    And coordination between Trump campaign and notable Brexiters, including but not limited to access to the services of Cambridge Analytica.

    Mueller’s investigation, if he pushes deep into the London connection, might end up impacting not only US politics but Britain’s as well.

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