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‘What’s the point?’ Lawmakers fess up to not fully reading the Mueller report

‘What’s the point?’ Lawmakers fess up to not fully reading the Mueller report

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5 thoughts on “‘What’s the point?’ Lawmakers fess up to not fully reading the Mueller report

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  2. A key section of the article.

    >Breaking out first from the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign pack, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) during an early May speech on the Senate floor [explained]( how she went “cover to cover, every page” within about 24 hours of the report’s release, and then decided that Congress should impeach Trump.
    >Similar stories have come from the likes of Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, a freshman Democrat from South Florida who [said]( she decided to back impeachment proceedings after she “spent countless hours” reading the report, studying the special counsel’s evidence and listening to recent testimony from legal experts.
    >**J.W. Verret, a George Mason University law school professor who worked on the Trump transition, had a similar conversion. He** [**called**]( **for Congress to start impeachment proceedings after poring over the report. “I mean, I read it twice. That was my impression the first 10 pages in, and I think we have to take it seriously,”** he said in a recent CNN interview.

  3. The point is that everyone who actually reads the report decides that impeachment is necessary. (Anyone who says they’ve read the report who doesn’t think impeachment is necessary is a liar who hasn’t actually read the report)

  4. Can it get any clearer than “if we would have found him innocent, we would have said so” and “we can’t indict a sitting president.”

    In other words, he’s guilty as f*ck! 10 counts of obstruction of justice. Hello!? Earth to Republicans!

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