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Videos or podcasts to help someone catch up?

So, I gotta be honest, I have been ignoring this entire investigation because there’s just so much going on and most of it is theory at this point, so I just wanted to wait for the end of the Mueller investigation.

Then, I found this sub and got interested. Then I listened to the first few episodes of *Mueller, She Wrote* and holy shit. Everything they were talking about last year happened (with a few exceptions, obviously, but for the most part they seem to be dead on).

I’ve learned a lot from listening to that podcast, but I honestly think it’s not the best for “catching up”. It seems like its best for a weekly recap of current events (which is exactly its intention lol), but they do rely on their viewers to have at least a tiny understanding of the events and their context in the current moment, so that makes it a little difficult for someone who has basically been ignoring most stories about it unless they blow up on reddit.

Do you guys have any podcasts or videos that I could play in my car during my commute? I typically prefer to read about these sorts of things rather than watch them, but I still want to keep up with current events and there’s literally not enough time in the day for more reading on my part lol.

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