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6 thoughts on “US prosecutors subpoena DJT Holdings, Trump Scotland golf course owner

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  2. * Prosecutors in Maryland subpoenaed financial documents from DJT Holdings LLC, a UK company that owns President Donald Trump’s golf courses in Scotland, The Times of London reported.
    * They form part of a probe into whether Trump is still profiting from his companies, which would violate the US Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.
    * The clause bans public officials from receiving gifts or cash without Congressional approval.
    * Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of Fusion GPS, made a tentative link between the courses and Russia. Fusion GPS is the company behind the infamous “golden shows” dossier alleging that Russia has a hold on Trump.
    * He told The US House Intelligence Committee that the president’s UK resorts are “concerning” and there were “enormous amounts of capital flowing into these projects from unknown sources.”

  3. B-b-but he transferred all his business to his children!!

    Look! There is even a picture of him standing next to a pile of BLANK papers in folders!



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