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Trump voter here. How do you square the Patriot missile system sales to Poland and Romania with the “Trump is Kompromat” narrative. Also overtly arming Ukranians with antitank missiles?

Trump voter here. How do you square the Patriot missile system sales to Poland and Romania with the “Trump is Kompromat” narrative. Also overtly arming Ukranians with antitank missiles?

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15 thoughts on “Trump voter here. How do you square the Patriot missile system sales to Poland and Romania with the “Trump is Kompromat” narrative. Also overtly arming Ukranians with antitank missiles?

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  2. The first note to address is that Romania and Poland requested these post-Obama. Arm sales are arms sales. Unfortunately we sell missle systems and weapons everywhere.

    Recall Russia has a strong air force and decent navy. Speaking geopolitically, if I’m Russia, an additional system in Romania and Poland don’t frighten my interests. Having already taken the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea, I can use my stronger Naval prescience to hell stage an invasion of Romania along with a land invasion from the east. Moldova won’t mind that as they are an ally so they’ll let us slide under their southern border.

    Poland has an eastern border with Belarus, another Russian ally, and also borders the Baltic Sea. Given the native Russia presence in Latvia and Lithuania, along with kalknigrad enclave, the Russians could easily meanivuer a larger prescience along the eastern coast of the sea. Same story, naval invasion of Poland accompanied with a historical tradktion: crossing the Ukrainian plains and into Poland from the east on the ground!

    Another note is those systems exist all over Europe, two more wont stop a full blown invasion force.

    Ukrainian stuff I can’t soeak to as much, but the small shipments of Anti tank weaponry won’t stop a full blown front.

    Hope that helps explain the rationale I see in why he can still be compromised yet look as though he is acting tough.

  3. Trump does not actually make ALL US policy himself… there is a huge amount of money to be made in arms sales, and there always will be. So there is a huge US decision – held in small little meeting rooms and at private dinners – that drives that policy.

    I expect Trump doesn’t care about it personally, and Russia knows that it can’t affect US weapons sales too much without a huge negative perception.

  4. As for your question, I personally haven’t looked into Ukraine weapon sales too much, so my opinion has little to no weight. However, if someone were seeking to weaken the US backing in that region, they wouldn’t do it rapidly. They’d wait until power was well-established, until they could get away with it. The FBI investigation came up pretty quick, and trying to meddle with those sales while Mueller is watching would be suicidal.

    What’s more, the President doesn’t have absolute power over those sales. As the article says, those deals are subject to congressional approval.

  5. First, Poland and Romania are NATO countries. Russia would never touch them as long as NATO exists. Arming NATO countries does nothing to change the balance of power since NATO is regarded as one military force with respect to strategic balance. Selling Patriot missiles to Romania or Poland has the same strategic effect for Russia as selling them to Germany. Trump has done nearly everything in his power to undermine NATO and has openly expressed the desire that the US pull out; he lacks the political capital to do it and it is very likely he can legally do it. Russia has no intention of attacking a NATO country, only to weaken US-European relations and consequently US influence in Europe over the long term.

    It also should be noted that Raytheon (manufacturer of Patriot missiles) donates more than $1,000,000.00 to republicans every election cycle. Trump also owns stock in Raytheon.

    Second, regarding the Ukraine; supplying 200 antitank missiles has zero effect on The strategic balance between Russia and the Ukraine, nor does it threaten Russia’s grasp on Crimea. It does not serve as a deterrent for Russia to expand further into the Ukraine if they chose to do so. Casualty avoidance is not a significant aspect of Russian doctrine.

    It does nothing to protect the Ukraine but it does create a talking point for the Trump administration.

    It also should be noted that Russia has occupied Crimea and parts of the Ukraine without conventional forces. They have done it using clandestine, special purpose, and unconventional forces in coordination with a political coup.

    A Political coup in which Paul Manafort played an important role.

    You remember Paul? The unregistered Russian agent that became Trump’s campaign manager and helped arrange and attended the meeting with Russian agents and Trump Jr.?

    And don’t get pedantic calling him a Ukrainian agent. We all know who he really works for.

    Same oligarchs Trump does.

  6. You lost credibility with “trump voter here”. At this point your support of him tells me that you have some deep seeded issues emotionally and intellectually

  7. No real expertise here just a close political observer. I don’t think Trump wants to look weak on the world stage so he will try to stand up to Russia because that’s his brand. He ran on this issue extensively and relentlessly berated Obama about his Ukraine policy. So even though Putin has him over a barrel on election fraud there are some things Trump cannot compromise on. I think your mistake is assuming that we believe Trump has only one relationship with Russia. In fact Trump has many relationships with Russia. Some appropriate, some inappropriate. We can applaud him for sensible policy and still hold his balls to the fire for collusion.

  8. I’m leaving out a few other incidents as well… such as (albeit very politely) bombing their airstrips in Syria and (very rudely) ruthlessly annihilating a batallion or Russian mercenaries in Syria that were positioning on an American position.

  9. I will make a second post here with a totally different explanation which I also believe to be true. I believe Putin’s saber-rattling in Ukraine is a ploy to get sanctions lifted. Remember the quid-pro-quo at the heart of collusion is that Trump gets elected and Putin gets sanctions lifted. In fact there have been multiple “peace plans” trotted out by various players (eg Felix Sater, Konstantin Kilminik) in which Russia pulls back from Ukraine in exchange for sanctions relief. So one way to view Trump’s build-up in the eastern block is to help Putin manufacture a negotiated settlement to the Ukrainian “crisis”. Watch this very carefully. If a “truce” is announced in the Ukrainian conflict pay very close attention to the terms. Putin will demand increased access for Russia into financial markets or transactions that have been sanctioned. And I bet Trump is only too happy to give it to him. And why not? Trump will argue he is achieving World Peace. But in fact, it will be his delivery of the quo in his quid-pro-quo corrupt bargain with Putin.

  10. he is not compromised by Russia..he is compromised by the russian mob led by putin. They are no friends of Russia. They are a transnational oligarchic mob whose aim is destruction of checks on their power and loot.

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