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Trump photographed at Super Bowl party with founder of day spa chain where two billionaire Trump donors are accused of soliciting prostitution. Prosecutors have claimed that the women at the day spa are victims of human trafficking.

The *Miami Herald* ran the story today, along with the photograph of Trump and Li Yang together at the party, taken less than 3 weeks before hundreds of people were charged:

Li Yang is the founder of the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, where Patriots owner Robert Kraft is accused of soliciting prostitution. Kraft made large donations to Trump’s inauguration committee, which is now under criminal investigation for violating federal corruption laws, and diverting money from a nonprofit organization.

Kraft is represented by Jack Goldberger, a lawyer who was also part of Jeffrey Epstein’s defense team. Epstein was accused of raping dozens of underaged girls before being given a “sweetheart deal” by federal prosecutor Alexander Acosta, which saw Epstein in prison for only 13 months for all his crimes. Recently a federal judge ruled the deal to have been made illegally, since Acosta made the deal in secret without notifying Epstein’s victims, as required by law.

Acosta is now a member of Trump’s cabinet, serving as the Secretary of Labor.

Billionaire Republican donor John Childs, a major Trump backer, has also been charged in a related Florida prostitution sting.

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