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11 thoughts on “This needs to be investigated

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  2. This is all part of “draining the swamp”, right?

    Deutsche Bank will attempt to say their loans to Trump were not underwritten with Deutsche Bank investor capital. They were underwritten on Deutsche Bank paper and capitalized by money from the Bank of Cyprus. Russian oligarchs are the biggest depositors in the Bank of Cyprus. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is on the board of the Bank of Cyprus. Ross is also a co-investor in shipping companies mainly owned by Russian oligarchs.

    Somehow, Trump’s cult believes him when he tells them Hillary and Obama are the corrupt ones. It’s called projection.

    EDIT: Thanks for the silver!

  3. This just hurts to hear today….

    Honestly, I just want my kids tuition paid off. I work 3 jobs, one son works 3, the other 2 my husband still earns the most with one job. Can someone give me a break?

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