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3 thoughts on “This is the week the game changed in the Russia investigation

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  2. It became crystal clear yesterday that Manafort is being set up as the fall guy.

    Trump said yesterday that he was not aware that Manafort was sharing this polling data with someone tied to Russian intelligence. While I’m 99% confident that statement was a lie, it makes it clear what the Trump team strategy will be.

    It also helps clarify why Trump has gone out of his way to publicly support Manafort. He can now safely “turn” on Manafort and say, “Hey, I thought he was a good guy, but he did all of this on his own. I had nothing to do with it.”

    Manafort gives him plausible deniability for the 33% of voters who make up his base.

    Trump’s baffling support of Manafort makes more sense now. He will be the fall guy. It is possible that was the plan all along. Blame everything on Manafort taking rogue action and pardon him on the way out the door.

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