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4 thoughts on “This guy knows everything…

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  2. I guess that’s why he no longer works for the president? Because he’s so crafty and all seeing? If he really knew what was going on, wouldn’t he have been able to stop the investigation in his tracks?

  3. “What people don’t understand about the president … I mean, the amount of information that he intakes every day, gets prepared for, is staggering. And in my questioning him or talking to him, he questioned w– you know, first question, easy. Second question, easy. Third question, he wasn’t sure. And he doesn’t like being unsure. So he’ll guess. There’s your trap, right there. It’s not whether he lies or not. Everybody wants to get into this, you know– this integrity business. It’s not a matter of integrity. It’s overload.”

    How hard is it to say “I don’t know”? For some guys it’s impossible. He’s not lying, he’s just guessing!

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