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The White House blocked Annie Donaldson from answering 212 questions

Annie Donaldson is the former chief of staff to ex-WH counsel Don McGahn, and took notes during McGahn’s interactions with Trump. Mueller cited her notes 65 times in his report, including about episodes of possible obstruction.

Trump administration lawyers [barred her]( from elaborating on her thinking at the time she captured several exchanges between Trump and her boss — including one note in which she scribbled concern that Trump’s firing of James B. Comey as FBI director would trigger the end of his presidency.

In total, the White House blocked Donaldson from answering 212 questions, according to her written answers. The committee received them this past weekend and released them on Monday.

She confirmed that after Trump fired Comey, she wrote in her notes: “Is this the beginning of the end?” 

She also affirmed that she told the special counsel’s office that she wrote the note because she was worried the decision to fire Comey would end Trump’s presidency. 

But asked to further explain why she believed Trump’s decision was so problematic, Donaldson said the WH had directed her not to answer the question, due to “constitutionally-based executive branch confidentiality interests.” 

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