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The Complete Roger Stone Timeline, Part I: The Campaign

#Part I: The Campaign

* **June 16, 2015** — Trump announces his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. Stone is directly involved in the campaign until August 2015 after which point he [keeps in regular contact]( with his old friend Trump.

* **October 17, 2015** — Stone [forms a super PAC]( called the [Committee To Restore America’s Greatness]( that ultimately [reports spending]( over $560,000, almost entirely from a series of contributions by Hollywood producer [John Powers Middleton](

* **Feb. 22, 2016** — Corsi [claims]( this is the first date he met Stone.

* **Late Feb./Early March 2016** — Stone [dines with Corsi](, who introduces him to Malloch. (The timing of this meeting is attested only by Corsi.)

Stone subsequently gives conflicting accounts of the meeting. [Initially](, Stone says the three chatted about “Brexit and globalism” but did not discuss WikiLeaks, Assange or Russia. Later, Stone says that Malloch “mentioned that he knew Assange,” and that this is what prompted him to later suggest Malloch go to Ecuador’s embassy in search of the emails.

* **March 19, 2016** — Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, is sent a spoofed security email that encourages him to change his email password, precipitating the hack of his account.

* **March 21, 2016** — Hackers gain access to Podesta’s account.

* **March 28, 2016** — At the recommendation of Stone, Paul Manafort is hired to lead the Trump campaign’s efforts to secure delegates for the Republican National Convention. The two had founded a prominent lobbying firm ([Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly](,_Manafort,_Stone_and_Kelly)) and worked together for years.

* **April 18, 2016** — Using credentials obtained by hacking the DCCC, hackers linked to the Russian military intelligence agency ([the GRU]( gain access to the DNC’s network. The GRU hackers begin to steal large quantities of files from the DNC network and emails from the DNC’s Microsoft Exchange server.

* **April 19, 2016** — Stone dines with Caputo and Gates. Stone says Manafort was originally invited but sent Gates in his place because he was unable to attend. Stone later claims that this is the “only” dinner he has “a record of” ever attending with Gates.

* **May 2016** — The DNC and DCCC learn that their networks have been accessed.

* **Late May 2016** — Caputo arranges for Stone to meet with a Russian national, [Henry Greenberg]( (a/k/a Henry Oknyansky) who said he could provide damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Stone [claims]( he met with Greenberg but rejected the man’s proposal because he asked for $2 million. Stone also says that Greenberg did not reveal the information he claimed to possess. Stone said that Greenberg was alone. Interviewed separately, Greenberg said he was with a Ukrainian friend who conducted the meeting. “How crazy is the Russian?” Caputo texted Stone after the meeting.

In their congressional testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, neither Caputo (in July 2017) nor Stone (in Sept. 2017) reveal the meeting to investigators.

According to a news report published shortly after it became known in Feb. 2018 that Gates was cooperating with investigators, Stone [had told a confidant in Spring 2016]( that he had spoken with Julian Assange and learned about emails in the possession of WikiLeaks that would be problematic for Democrats, including Podesta.

* **May 27, 2016** — Trump tells a rally crowd he has people [actively searching for personal emails]( that were stored on Clinton’s home server.

>Hillary is missing 30,000 emails. I have people that will retrieve those emails.

* **June 4, 2016** — The London bureau chief of Kremlin-controlled propaganda outlet RT, Nikolay Bogachikhin, visits Assange.

* **June 8, 2016** — The site launches. It will eventually publish material stolen from the DNC, among other things.

Bogachikhin again visits Assange, as does Yana Maximova, a Russian émigré to the US.

* **June 9, 2016** — Maximova again visits Assange.

* **June 12, 2016** — In [an interview]( with the British network ITV, [Assange says]( the organization has emails from Clinton. The organization had “accumulated a large cache of information about the Democratic presidential nominee that could be used to bring an indictment against her,” according to ITV.

* **June 14, 2016** — The [Washington Post reports]( that the DNC network was illegally accessed by people believed to be Russian hackers.

The GRU hackers create a public persona called “Guccifer 2.0” — a reference to an actual Romanian hacker who was recently in the news — in an effort to obscure the role of the Russia.

* **June 15, 2016** — The GRU hackers release the DNC’s research file on Donald Trump but publicly claim responsibility using the “lone hacker” Guccifer 2.0 persona.

* **June 22, 2016** — WikiLeaks reaches out to the GRU hackers over Twitter to request they “[s]end any new material [stolen from the DNC] here for us to review and it will have a much higher impact than what you are doing.”

WikiLeaks subsequently makes an urgent request for information about Clinton because the Democratic convention was approaching, after which Clinton “will solidify bernie supporters behind her.” WikiLeaks notes that they think “trump has only a 25% chance of winning,” so “conflict between bernie and hillary is interesting.”

* **June 23, 2016** — RT presenter Afshin Rattansi visits Assange on one of three June visits, including one that ended at 4:30am.

* **July 13, 2016** — [The Hill reports]( that the GRU hackers had “released a cache of purported DNC documents to The Hill in an effort to refocus attention on the hack.”

* **July 14, 2016** — The GRU hackers send a file to WikiLeaks with instructions on downloading the full archive of DNC documents.

* **July 18, 2016** — WikiLeaks confirms to Guccifer 2.0 that it has accessed the 1GB file and would publish the documents “this week.”

The 2016 Republican National Convention begins, running through July 21. On one convention evening, [Stone dines with former UKIP leader Nigel Farage and Alex Jones]( at an Italian restaurant in Cleveland. The next day, Stone calls Manafort to suggested that Trump meet with Farage.

* **July 21, 2016** — Farage and associate Andy Wigmore meet with staffers for Mississippi Republican Gov. Phil Bryant, who float an invitation for the men to come to Mississippi.

* **July 22, 2016** — Days before Democratic convention opens, WikiLeaks [begins releasing]( documents stolen from the DNC.

A (currently unknown) “senior Trump Campaign official” is subsequently “directed” to ask Stone what other information WikiLeaks might have. It’s also not known who gave the direction. Stone thereafter told the Trump campaign about potential future releases of damaging material by WikiLeaks.

* **July 25, 2016** — Stone-associate Charles Ortel emails then Fox News correspondent James Rosen and Fox’s Judge Andrew Napolitano, blind copying Stone, with the subject line: “Re: Fox London needs to meet Assange.”

Rosen [replies](

>Am told Wikileaks will be doing a massive dump of HRC emails relating to the CF in September.

Ortel [says]( he forwarded Rosen’s email to Stone.

[Stone emails Corsi](, asking him to go to the Ecuadoran Embassy in London where Assange lives to “get the pending (WikiLeaks) emails” which “deal with the [Clinton] Foundation, allegedly.”

Corsi passes the email to Malloch, who [later tells the BBC]( that he’s had a lot of contact with the Trump campaign.


* **July 27, 2016** — At a news conference, Trump [publicly asks Russia]( to release any emails they may have stolen from Hillary Clinton’s home email server.

>I will tell you this, Russia: If you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.

Trump follows up with a ( expressing the same request:

>If Russia or any other country or person has Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 illegally deleted emails, perhaps they should share them with the FBI!

It is on this same day that the [GRU hackers first target]( Clinton’s private server.

In an InfoWars interview, [Stone seems to agree]( that the Russians were behind the hacking and releasing of documents through WikiLeaks:

>The reason that the Russians are probably leaking this information is because they don’t want a nuclear war either. [Hillary Clinton] is bent on a war that benefits her donors and the multinational corporations and the defense contractors.

* **July 31, 2016** — The FBI [initiates a counterintelligence investigation]( into possible connections between Russian agents and the Trump campaign. George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign aide, had [mentioned to an Australian diplomat in May 2016]( that he had been told in April that Russia had possession of emails related to Clinton. The release of the DNC files prompts Australian agents to inform the FBI.

Stone again gives an interview saying that the Russians were the most likely source for the material:

>The fact that the Russians will—or whoever—are going to continue to drop bombs on the American people in the form of their own documents. Alex, these are like the Watergate tapes. The Clintons have cut their own throat because they assume that no one would ever see all of their secret illegal maneuverings. This is why they used the unsecured server to hide the very things that I suspect someone—most likely the Russians—is going to drop on the American people like truth-bombs throughout this election.

A group run by Bannon and Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer releases a report [suggesting]( without evidence that Russia actually favors Clinton and that Putin has suspicious ties to John Podesta. The Wall Street Journal prints an opinion article by Schweizer and the New York Post prints an article quoting only Schweizer to publicize the accusations. Bannon and Schweizer amplify the story in Breitbart the next day.

Stone emails Corsi: “Call me MON [August 1st].” The body of the email reads in part that Malloch “should see Assange” in London.

* **Aug. 1, 2016** — On a local radio show in New York, Stone specifically pushes back against the idea that Russians are **not** involved in the hacking:

>INTERVIEWER: They’re saying, ‘Oh, well, this is just Vladimir Putin and the Russians trying to throw the election towards Donald Trump.’ That seems a pretty far-fetched theory from what I can see, Roger.

>STONE: Well, well, but, but, Frank, maybe not. Maybe the Russians are acting in their own best interests in this sense. It is the policies of Clinton and Obama that have brought us right now to the brink of nuclear war in the coldest relationship we’ve had with the Russians in decades. Trump would like to, I think, enter a period of détente in which we use hardheaded negotiations to get a peace agreement with the Soviets so that we could work together to pursue and destroy ISIS, which frankly they’re doing a better job of at this point than we are.

According to Stone, he departs NY and [flies to LAX](, checking into The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills for two nights.

* **Aug. 2, 2016** — Rattansi [visits Assange]( to interview him about the DNC email release. Assange tells the RT reporter that he would be releasing emails that contained information relating to the Clinton Foundation. [The interview]( is [not broadcast publicly]( until several days later, on August 6.

[Corsi emails Roger Stone]( from Europe (purportedly in Italy celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary):

>Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps. One shortly after I’m back [from Europe in mid-August]. 2nd in Oct. Impact planned to be very damaging.… Time to let more than Podesta to be exposed as in bed w enemy if they are not ready to drop HRC. That appears to be the game hackers are now about. Would not hurt to start suggesting HRC old, memory bad, has stroke — neither he nor she well. I expect that much of next dump focus, setting stage for Foundation debacle.

According to Stone, he [dines with Middleton]( in West Hollywood.

* **Aug. 4, 2016** — According to Stone, he arrives in Miami after an overnight from LAX.

In an [email to Sam Nunberg]( Stone says, “I dined with my new pal Julian Assange last nite.”

During a conference call as part of his “Ultimate Political Insider” program, Stone suddenly changes his opinion about Russia’s involvement in the hacking:

>The last time this happened Clinton tried to neutralize it by saying, “Oh, this is being done by the Russians.” We now know that the Russians had nothing to do with these emails, none whatsoever.

Stone also [claims to know]( about more information held by Assange.

>In the background of this entire race going forward is the fact that Julian Assange … is going to continue to drop information on the American voters that is going to roil this race. He has made that very clear.

Stone says he recommend to Trump that he should hire Paul Manafort.

>I recommended him to Donald, because he called me on a Friday concerned about the fact that he had just been robbed of delegates in Louisiana.

In an interview with InfoWars, Stone [claims]( to have contacted Trump on Aug. 3.

>I spoke to a Donald Trump, uh, yesterday. He’s in good spirits.

He again completely denies Russian involvement in the hacking.

>We know, for example, that the DNC WikiLeaks absolutely positively did not come from the Russians. We know that because **Gru**ccifer 2 (sic) took credit for them a good two weeks ago and initially released them. They then got no attention and he went to WikiLeaks, they re-released them

>The Clinton campaign narrative that the Russians favor Donald Trump and the Russians are leaking this information, this is inoculation because as you said earlier, they know what is coming and it is devastating. Let’s remember that their defense to all the Clinton Foundation scandals has been not ‘we didn’t do,’ has been ‘you have no proof, yes but you have no proof.’ Well, I think Julian Assange has that proof and I think he is going to furnish it to the American people.

* **Aug. 5, 2016** — Stone [publishes a nonsensical essay in Breitbart]( blaming the actions of “Guccifer 2.0” on a lone hacker instead of the GRU.

* **Aug. 8, 2016** — Stone [tells a Republican group]( that he’s been in contact with Assange and that the next documents to be released were related to the Clinton Foundation.

>Q: With regard to the October surprise, what would be your forecast on that given what Julian Assange has intimated he’s going to do?

>STONE: Well, it could be any number of things. I actually have communicated with Assange. I believe the next tranche of his documents pertain to the Clinton Foundation but there’s no telling what the October surprise may be.

* **Aug. 9, 2016** — WikiLeaks denies having had contact with Stone in a tweet and in [selected excerpts from chat logs]( published in Russia-friendly media.

* **Aug. 12, 2016** — Guccifer 2.0 [releases]( more information stolen from the DCCC.

@GUCCIFER_2 tweets at Stone:

>thanks that u believe in the real #Guccifer2

In response, [Breitbart reporter Lee Stranahan messages]( @GUCCIFER_2 privately on Twitter:

>I worked with Roger on that piece and was actually the one who pointed out what was going on to him in the first place

In an interview Stone claims to have been in contact with Assange but is “not at liberty to discuss what I have.”

* **Aug. 13, 2016** — Stone tweets that Guccifer 2.0 is a “HERO”.

* **Aug. 14, 2016** — [NYT reports]( that Manafort received secret cash payments from pro-Russia groups for his work in Ukraine.

Stone sends a private message to @GUCCIFER_2 [through Twitter](

>Delighted you are reinstated. Fuck the State and their MSM lackeys. R.

* **Aug. 15, 2016** — @GUCCIFER_2 responds:

>wow, thank u for writing back, and thank u for an article about me!!!

>do you find anything interesting in the docs i posted?

Breitbart posts an [article]( defending Manafort and once again claims that it is actually Clinton who is favored by Putin.

Stone [tweets]( for the first time ever about Podesta:

>@JohnPodesta makes @PaulManafort look like St. Thomas Aquinas Where is the @NewYorkTimes ?

* **Aug. 16, 2016** — Stone claims in separate interviews to have a back-channel contact with Assange and WikiLeaks.

Corsi says he sent an email on this date [passing on another request]( from Stone to Malloch.

* **Aug. 17, 2016** — Donald Trump is [briefed by US intelligence agents]( that the GRU is implicated in the DNC hack.

@GUCCIFER_2 messages Stone:

>please tell me if i can help u anyhow. it would be a great pleasure to me.

Steve Bannon is officially named as Trump’s campaign CEO. Stone claims on Miami local radio he spoke in favor of adding Bannon and Kellyanne Conway to the campaign and that he spoke to Manafort that morning.

>I was in favor of these additions. I have spoken in favor of them internally over the last couple of days. Manafort’s not going anywhere. I spoke to him this morning. He’s very pleased with this expansion. He was in favor of it. I was in favor of it.

* **Aug. 18, 2016** — In another conference call, Stone [claims]( to have been in touch with Assange. In a television interview, he again describes contacting Assange through an intermediary.

* **Aug. 19, 2016** — Manafort formally resigns from the campaign because of fallout from the NYT article.

New York radio host Randy Credico texts Stone to inform him that Assange will be on his radio show the following week.

Wigmore and associate Aaron Banks lunch with the Russian ambassador to the UK and discuss Trump’s prospects and their upcoming trip to Mississippi.

* **Aug. 21, 2016** — Stone says on Baltimore local radio he was in on the deliberations about Manafort leaving the campaign.

Stone sends his infamous tweet:

>Trust me, it will soon [be] Podesta’s time in the barrel.

@GUCCIFER_2 responds to Stranahan privately through Twitter. He provides his personal email address and asks the GRU hackers for “other stuff that’s not been released”. They promise to “send u some exclusive files”.

* **Aug. 22, 2016** — The GRU hackers send 2.5GB of data stolen from the DCCC to Florida GOP operative Aaron Nevins, who [posts some of that data on his anonymous Florida politics blog](

Stranahan and the GRU hackers converse privately through Twitter about the materials emailed to Stranahan and how to coordinate their publication with Breitbart articles written in advance.

>STRANAHAN: can we arrange for you to post that document on your site at a certain time?

> GRU: hi man

>i think it’s possible, why not

>is it some special date?

Speaking again on Miami local radio, Stone claims to have repeatedly spoken to Manafort about Manafort’s resignation from the Trump campaign.

>Putting the campaign and Trump first, Manafort resigned. It was not an easy decision. We talked about it several times. I think he’s done the right thing. Steve Bannon who comes into the campaign as the new CEO, is a bomb-thrower in the Roger Stone mold. He is a good friend of mine.”

* **Aug. 23, 2016** — Credico interviews Stone on his show.

>CREDICO: What about the October surprise? I mean, you’ve been in touch and indirectly with Julian Assange. Can you give us any kind of insight? Is there an October surprise happening?

>STONE: Well, first of all, I don’t want to intimate in any way that I control or have influence with Assange, because I do not.

He mentions that the material will probably address the Clinton Foundation.

>STONE: We have a mutual friend, somebody we both trust, and therefore I am a recipient of pretty good information.

* **Aug. 24, 2016** — Farage [appears with Trump, Sessions and Giuliani]( at a fundraiser and rally in Mississippi.

* **Aug. 25, 2016** — Credico interviews Assange, who dismisses the idea that he’s been in contact with Stone:

>Roger Stone is a rather canny spinmaster, and we have not had any communications with him whatsoever.

Credico claims this is the first day he ever spoke directly with Assange

* **Aug. 26, 2016** — Credico texts Stone to tell him that Assange had discussed Stone in the interview:

>we were talking about how the Press is trying to make it look like you and he are in cahoots.

* **Aug. 27, 2016** — Credico texts Stone, telling him that a radio show with Assange was in the works. He adds, “Julian Assange has kryptonite on Hillary.”

* **Aug. 30, 2016** — Stone [calls Corsi](, asking him to help create an “alternative explanation” for Stone’s August 21st tweet about Podesta. In response, Corsi claims to have drafted a memo about Podesta which he and Stone later offer as an explanation for the tweet.

The GRU hackers and Stranahan finalize their plans to coordinate on a release:

>GRU: how about doing it today?

>STRANAHAN: Okun, what time? It’s about 9 AM where I am in Idaho and I’d like about eight hours to get things set up on this end if that’s OK

>GRU: so if u need some certain time just let me know and we’ll arrange it

>STRANAHAN: OK, let me work on this on this and I will ping you back

>Tomorrow morning or the middle of the night or something might actually work better

>GRU: hmm, is it so important when i post it? i can do it now and u publish ur material when u want

>is it that necessary that i post it at the certain hour?

After 8.5 hours with no response:

>GRU: so, i think it’s time

>STRANAHAN: Hang on …late night…

* **Sept. 9, 2016** — @GUCCIFER_2 sends Stone a link to Nevins’ page containing DCCC’s turnout data and asks what Stone thinks. They also send the link to Stranahan and offer additional documents.

* **Sept. 16, 2016** — Asked on Boston Herald Radio if he’d told Trump his view that he should release his tax returns, Stone said, “He is aware of my view.” Stone said he’s in touch with Assange “through an intermediary.”

* **Sept. 18, 2016** — Stone says on local New York radio that he spoke to Manafort the previous day, adding that Manafort was “keeping in touch with a lot of friends in the campaign.”

Stone texts Credico:

>STONE: I am e-mailing u a request to pass on to Assange.

>CREDICO: OK. Just remember do not name me as your connection to Assange you had one before that you referred to.

Stone [emails Credico an article]( alleging Clinton played a role in disrupting a purported Libyan peace deal in 2011 when she was secretary of state:

>Please ask Assange for any State or HRC e-mail from August 10 to August 30–particularly on August 20, 2011 that mention [the subject of the article] or confirm this narrative.

Credico initially replied that the information would be on Wikileaks website if it existed. Stone responded, “Why do we assume WikiLeaks has released everything they have???” Credico then asks Stone to give him a “little bit of time,” saying he thought Assange might appear on his radio show the next day.

A few hours later, Credico follows up:

>That batch probably coming out in the next drop…I can’t ask them favors every other day. I asked one of his lawyers…they have major legal headaches riggt now..relax.

* **Sept. 19, 2016** — Stone again asks Credico to pass the message to Assange. Credico replies that he did.

* **Sept. 20, 2016** — Credico sends Stone’s request to a lawyer connected to Assange.

WikiLeaks messages Donald Trump Jr. privately over Twitter, pointing to a new site linking Putin to Trump. The next day, Trump Jr. responds to say that he’ll “ask around” about it. Trump Jr. then emailed senior campaign staff about the message. “Do you know the people mentioned,” he wrote, apparently referring to those behind the Putin-Trump site, “and what the conspiracy they are looking for could be?”

* **Sept. 21, 2016** — Stone claims on local New York radio that he spoke to Trump late the night before on the phone.

>INTERVIEWER: Roger, you spoke with Donald Trump. It was like 3:00 in the morning, you told me?

>STONE: He is, uh, very nocturnal. This guy gets very little sleep, he requires very little sleep. He is on the phone calling around the country to friends, talking to people. He’ll call you. You don’t call him at 3:00 in the morning. Three is a little bit of an exaggeration, but you know, 1:30, 1:00, 1:30, he’s still up. He’s still working.

* **Sept. 30, 2016** — Credico sends Stone a photo of himself standing outside of the Ecuadoran embassy in London.

* **Oct. 1, 2016** — Credico again texts Stone.

>CREDICO: big news Wednesday

>CREDICO: now pretend u don’t know me

>STONE: U died 5 years ago

>CREDICO: )great

>CREDICO: ) Hillary’s campaign will die this week

Stone tweets:

>Wednesday@HillaryClinton is done. #Wikileaks

* **Oct. 2, 2016** — Stone texts Credico an article about Assange canceling his rumored document dump.

“head fake,” Credico replies.

Stone [goes on Alex Jones’ show](

>An intermediary met with him [Assange] in London recently who is a friend of mine and a friend of his, a believer in freedom. I am assured that the mother lode is coming Wednesday. It wouldn’t be an October surprise if I told you what it was but I have reason to believe that it is devastating because people with political judgment who are aware of the subject matter tell me this.

* **Oct. 3, 2016** — Credico texts Stone: “I think it’s on for tomorrow”

Stone tweets, apparently after receiving that message:

>I have total confidence that @wikileaks and my hero Julian Assange will educate the American people soon. #LockHerUp

Credico and Stone then [exchange more texts](

>CREDICO: Why can’t you get Trump to come out and say that he would give Julian Assange Asylum

>CREDICO: Off the Record Hillary and her people are doing a full-court press they keep Assange from making the next dump

>CREDICO: That’s all I can tell you on this line

>CREDICO: Please leave my name out of it

>STONE: So nothing will happen tonight ?

>CREDICO: tuesday

>CREDICO: There is so much stuff out there

>CREDICO: There will be an announcement but not on the balcony [of the Ecuadoran Embassy]

>CREDICO: And by the way your friend did not have a meeting with Julian Assange that’s a complete lie.

>STONE: How would u know, rummy?

>CREDICO: Because I’m best friends with [Assange’s] lawyer and leave it at that and leave it alone.

Stone emails a (currently unknown) contact in the Trump campaign:

>Spoke to my friend in London last night. The payload is still coming.

An [article published by InfoWars]( includes some of the same images as Stone’s Sept. 18 email to Credico.

Stone [receives an email]( from Breitbart reporter Matthew Boyle:

>BOYLE: Assange — what’s he got? Hope it’s good.

>STONE: It is. I’d tell Bannon but he doesn’t call me back.

Boyle then forwards the email chain to Steve Bannon:

>BOYLE: You should call Roger. See below. You didn’t get from me.

>BANNON: I’ve got important stuff to worry about

>BOYLE: Well clearly he knows what Assange has. I’d say that’s important.

* **Oct. 4, 2016** — After Assange holds a news conference in which no new material is released, Bannon emails Stone asking what’s expected:

>BANNON: What was that this morning???

>STONE: Fear. Serious security concern. He thinks they are going to kill him and the London police are standing done. However —a load every week going forward.

>BANNON: He didn’t cut deal w/ clintons???

>STONE: Don’t think so BUT his lawyer Fishbein is a big democrat .

>I know your surrogates are dumb but try to get them to understand Danney Williams case

>chick mangled it on CNN this am

>He goes public in a big way Monday— Drudge report was a premature leak.

>[link to Daily Mail article]

>I’ve raise $150K for the targeted black digital campaign thru a C-4

>Tell Rebecca [Mercer] to send us some $$$

The (currently unknown) contact in the campaign with whom he’d emailed the prior day asks if Stone had “hear[d] anymore from London.” Stone replied, “Yes -want to talk on a secure line -got Whatsapp?” Stone tells the contact that more material will be released and that it will be damaging to the Clinton Campaign.

* **Oct. 5, 2016** — This is the Wednesday referred to in the Oct. 2 tweet. There’s no release.

Stone [publishes a rambling article on Breitbart]( arguing that “Guccifer 2.0 is the real deal” and taunting the Clinton campaign for casting blame on Russian intelligence.

Stone tweets:

>Libs thinking Assange will stand down are wishful thinking. Payload coming #Lockthemup.

* **Oct. 6, 2016** — Stone tweets:

>Julian Assange will deliver a devastating expose on Hillary at a time of his choosing. I stand by my prediction. #handcuffs4hillary

* **Oct. 7, 2016** — The U.S. government [formally accuses the Russian government]( of stealing and disclosing emails from the DNC, including through the website and the Guccifer 2.0 persona.

An hour later, the Washington Post releases the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape where Trump is heard bragging vulgarly about the power he holds over women due to his fame.

[Less than an hour]( after the tape’s release, WikiLeaks begins releasing documents stolen from Podesta. WikiLeaks slowly releases the documents over the following weeks.

Corsi [later claims]( that Stone had forewarning about the “Access Hollywood” tape’s release and asked Corsi to press Assange to drop the Podesta emails after the tape became public:

>I had one call from Roger, as I recall it — Roger disputes this — on the day that WikiLeaks did begin in October dropping the final emails on John Podesta, in which Roger was essentially saying, “We’ve got this timing issue because the Billy Bush tape is going to be released, and we’d like to have Assange begin releasing emails now.”

Someone close to Bannon (currently unknown) texts Stone: “well done.”

* **Oct. 11, 2016** — Podesta tells reporters that he believes Trump’s campaign had advance warning of the release of his emails, pointing the finger at Stone.

* **Oct. 12, 2016** — Stone [tells a local news station]( in Miami that he has a mutual friend with Assange who has been giving him a heads-up about upcoming releases.

* **Oct. 13, 2016** — WikiLeaks [releases a public statement]( denying contact with Stone. Shortly afterward, Stone [contacts the organization]( privately through Twitter:

> STONE: Since I was all over national TV, cable and print defending wikileaks and assange against the claim that you are Russian agents and debunking the false charges of sexual assault as trumped up bs you may want to rexamine the strategy of attacking me- cordially R.

>WIKILEAKS: We appreciate that. However, the false claims of association are being used by the democrats to undermine the impact of our publications. Don’t go there if you don’t want us to correct you.

>STONE: Ha! The more you ‘correct’ me the more people think you’re lying. Your operation leaks like a sieve. You need to figure out who your friends are.

Again referring to the hacker as “**Gru**cifer”, Stone tweets that the GRU persona “is a HERO.”

* **Nov. 2, 2016** — Stone [claims]( he speaks to Trump once a week on average.

* **Nov. 8, 2016** — Trump wins the presidency.

* **Nov. 9, 2016** — WikiLeaks messages Stone through Twitter:


>We are now more free to communicate

* **Nov. 11, 2016** — Stone tells Alex Jones that he spoke to Trump the previous night:

>I spoke to President-elect Trump last night at some length on a broad variety of topics and I’m not really at liberty to discuss that. But let me just say that he is, first of all, very grateful to the InfoWars audience. He knows that you are the centerpiece of the resistance. He knows that he has gotten better treatment here than from anyone in the mainstream media. He is a very grateful and very thankful for your support and the support of your audience.

##(continued… [Part II: The Coverup](

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    * [Roger Stone repeatedly claimed contact with Donald Trump and his campaign while touting WikiLeaks connections]( (CNN)

    * [
    Timeline: Roger Stone and His Interactions with Wikileaks, Russians, and More]( (Just Security)


    * [Original]( (24-page PDF)

    * [Translated and Unredacted]( (K_T thread)

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