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The Asset: A Post-Mueller Report Podcast

[The Asset]( is a podcast by the Center for American Progress Action Fund and Protect the Investigation analyzing and summarizing the complex story of alleged Trump collusion. Currently sitting at 12 episodes averaging a little more than an hour each, the podcast remains, in my opinion, as the most digestible and well-sourced summary currently available.

You may recognize The Center for American Progress Action by their very in-depth [The Moscow Project ]( which is basically the big brother or sister to /r/keep_track.

Here is their summary for the podcast from their About Page:

>For the last two years, we have heard non-stop that Russia may have helped President Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election. Two years of investigations, indictments of his closest associates, and speculation about what Trump knew (and when he knew it) have led to very real concerns that the President of the United States may be a Russian asset.

>But to know the full story about Trump and his relationship with the Kremlin, we need to dig a little deeper. The Asset, a new podcast, is a deep dive into Trump’s decades-long history with the Russians, from his extensive business dealings with Russian oligarchs to his presidential campaign and the investigations that have sent some of his closest associates to prison.

>In the process, we will take a thorough look at the characters that make up this story and where they fit into Russia’s strategy of cultivating assets all over the world to try to answer the question of whether Trump has been compromised.

>Hosted by Max Bergmann, a senior fellow and director of the Moscow Project at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, and featuring expert guests, The Asset will put together the pieces of Trump’s relationship with Russia.

>The Asset is a partnership between the Center for American Progress Action Fund, Media Syndication Services, and Protect the Investigation. It is produced by Paul Woodhull, a 20-year veteran media executive and president of Build Better Media, and Peter Ogburn, the executive producer of the Bill Press Show.

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