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Temporary post: Is there something you’ve always wondered about or wanted journalists to dig into? I’m taking requests!

Hey everyone!

This is a little out of the ordinary for /r/keep_track so I may take it down after a day or two to avoid clogging up the “news” feed with non-news posts *(if I take this one down, I’ll move it to /r/RusticGorilla so there will still be a place to submit requests)*.

I want to give you all the opportunity to tell me what needs to be researched more and written about in the general political world. I can’t promise that your particular suggestion will make it to [Forensic News](, for example, but I will do my best to address all feasible requests in the near future, either on this subreddit, Forensic News, or a social media platform. Unfortunately, there are some questions that no one can answer yet because the information simply isn’t available right now. Again, **I’ll do my best to address everyone’s request.**


1. Comment below, or
2. Send me a PM, or
3. Leave a response at this [survey link]( (if you prefer to be anonymous). Keep in mind if you choose this option that I can’t ask you for clarification or more detail, so please be sure to thoroughly describe your request. Additionally, I can’t alert you when your request is fulfilled if I don’t know who you are.

Thank you to everyone for making /r/keep_track such a great place to talk politics!

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8 thoughts on “Temporary post: Is there something you’ve always wondered about or wanted journalists to dig into? I’m taking requests!

  1. The hardest question: the original mueller investigation was counterintelligence. Did that investigation get rolled into the criminal investigation? If not, who led it? What’s its status? Is there a cointel version of the mueller report?

  2. What happens when a criminal organization such as Deutsche bank have to turn over financial transactions on a client? Is it the honor system?

    For example if they turn over Trumps financial info. I’m sure it’s very much in their interests to not incriminate their client. Will experts come extract the data or are they just expected to give it up with no oversight?

  3. How much does/has war contributed to global warming?

    If we civilians all carpooled and gave up flying and conserved hot water and switched to electric cars etc,

    how much would a week of our improved behavior do for the environment compared to a week without bombing, or training flights, or munitions manufacture?

  4. I think the most important story out there right now that isn’t getting enough attention is how social media hacks our brains. I just watched a tape of some facebook exec defending fb’s decision to fact check & notify ppl of the fake video of Nancy Pelosi circulating. She’s clearly missed that human psychology is involved here – ‘allowing people to inform themselves’ does not come close to negating or even mitigating the effects of fake news. People don’t manage information in a strictly rational way – they are biased towards the first idea, they are influenced more by video than words, they don’t necessarily even read retractions. this has long been a problem with media, but when there were gatekeepers is was a smaller problem because most awful stuff got filtered before it got out, and retractions were usually of little consequence. Few people are equipped to do proper research on an article, and of those fewer have time. How algorithms decide for us and influence our decision making is in this category too, and how to critically read statements – there is lots of technically correct but intentionally misleading stuff out there, and people seem to be completely incapable of decoding it.

  5. What’s the story with Epstein, Yang, Trump, Kraft? I think the Miami Herald is digging but I’ve always thought that this would be the can of worms that people should be looking at.

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