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6 thoughts on “Subpoena the Interpreter

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  2. I am pretty sure that the House Committees for the Judiciary and/or Homeland Security and/or Foreign Affairs and/or the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence will subpoena the whomever it may concern for insight into what was said in those “private” sessions …

    Question is whether the White House will resist, claiming executive privilege… and if so, what the next steps are thereafter … It’s going to get messy …

  3. While I would love to hear what the interpreter has to say, this is really a nonstarter. It will clearly fall under executive privilege.

    This is just meat being thrown to us liberals.

    I always try to take a look at things like this from both sides.

  4. Maybe I’m just being pessimistic, but I don’t see this working. I suspect one of the following two scenarios is true:

    1) Matters discussed between the parties in Helsinki were relatively benign and nothing particularly incriminating was said.

    2) If anything especially sensitive was said, it would be so potentially damaging to Trump (and by extension, Russia) that I cannot imagine there wouldn’t be some sort of coercion placed on the interpreter to ensure she kept quiet about what she heard. And in this, Trump could likely keep his hands clean, letting Putin threaten to handle the dirty work (as we’ve seen him/his agents do on several occasions) to keep her quiet.

    There’s no way they (or at least Putin) are dumb enough to just trust that the interpreter won’t talk. They’ll have something on her to ensure it doesn’t happen.

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