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Special counsel Mueller has submitted a report to the attorney general, signaling the end of his Russia investigation

Special counsel Mueller has submitted a report to the attorney general, signaling the end of his Russia investigation

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106 thoughts on “Special counsel Mueller has submitted a report to the attorney general, signaling the end of his Russia investigation

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    **Edited**: An earlier version suggested that Barr will “definitely” release the report on the weekend. He said he’ll try to release it this weekend.

  3. OKAY, so, there’s quite a bit of misinformation going on in the comments.

    I’m going to simply state what we know, as of now, about the Muller report and what’s next. (Hopefully, mods will pin this comment.)

    1. At about 4 p.m. ET on Friday, a Justice Department security official dropped off the report at Justice Department headquarters, as per CNN’s reporting. (The White House was also notified that the report was dropped off at the Justice Department at this time as well.) The first to receive the report was Rod Rosenstein, then, of course, it was immediately dropped off to William Barr.
    2. Following this, Barr drafted a letter, as released publicly throughout much of the news media. In the letter, Barr writes that he will confer with Rod Rosenstein re whether or not Mueller’s findings should, in fact, be released publicly or, simply, if we should see the report.
    3. At about 5 p.m. ET, all major networks got word that the report was delivered. CNN, for example, has been reporting that a DOJ official that spoke to them says that Mueller’s finding will likely be made public.
    4. Following this, reports say that Mueller has not recommended any further indictments, although this doesn’t mean that Trump is out of the picture, considering Justice Department guidelines say that a sitting president cannot be indicted. And, this does NOT mean that Trump is safe, considering Congress, once it receives it’s briefing from Barr on the weekend, will have the opportunity to begin impeachment proceedings, if it comes to that.
    5. AND, finally, no: Trump is still not safe because numerous other investigations continue, even after Mueller’s investigation concludes, which it appears to have done at this time.

    Once this information has been posted, I’ll list sources. I expect I will be editing this numerous times — so bear with me, as this information is not final and may include information that has been misunderstood.

  4. I don’t mean to be too pessimistic, but I feel like if this report doesn’t implicate Trump, his popularity will go up and he will stand a good chance of being re-elected in 2020.

  5. It’s easy for this to feel anticlimactic in a way: yes, the Mueller report is finished, but no, we can’t see it yet.

    However, think of it this way: **Mueller was able to finish his report without being fired by the president.** Remember how many times we worried this moment wouldn’t come? Now it’s come.

  6. Thanks for sharing our piece! So here’s what happens next. [Full story here]( but for y’alls sake I’m going to copy pasta a bunch of relevant grafs:

    >When he’s done, Mueller is required to give the attorney general a “confidential” report that spells out the cases he prosecuted and the people he decided not to prosecute. The rules do not say whether this report has to be short or long. It’s Mueller’s choice. But the rules seem to preclude him from publishing his own book of findings like those published from the work of independent counsel Kenneth Starr.
    Justice Department policy also holds a sitting president cannot be indicted, and several former prosecutors have suggested Mueller will follow that. In that case, evidence about Trump could be included in the confidential report to the attorney general but ***may not be made public.***
    On the other hand, another part of the special counsel rules requires the attorney general to make his own report. That report goes to the chairman and ranking member of the Judiciary committees in the House and Senate.
    To keep an attorney general from quietly snuffing out a special counsel investigation, the attorney general must explain any cases in which the attorney general stopped the special counsel from taking action because it was “so inappropriate or unwarranted” that it could not be allowed. If Mueller wanted to charge someone and the attorney general forbade it, it would seem that action would have to be revealed to Congress. Nothing in the rules requires the revelations to Congress to be confidential. Nor do they say whether that report is short or long. So Barr must make a report and, once again, can decide how detailed to be.
    If they are not satisfied that the full story has been released, congressional Democrats may try to subpoena the report and have Mueller testify in committee.

  7. Between this and Brexit being a clusterfuck one might think 2019 is gearing up to be the year that finally cleans up 2016’s drunken mess.

    Then again, social media have really given a whole new meaning to dumb people and a dangerous mean of reaching them all with little effort.

    As long as you pay the Zuck, that is.

  8. Just to be clear….I would be just fine looking like a complete idiot with the rest of you if this report shows No Collusion. Trump’s no doubt an idiot, but Trump working with the Russians to become President is fucking awful for this country.

  9. Let’s hope there’s solid evidence linking Trump and Russia, otherwise this is going to massively help Trump. I’m afraid the report is going to be weak sauce.

  10. This is the moment of truth. If it says what we think it says, this may be the beginning of the end for Trump and associates. If it doesn’t say what we think it says, this marks the beginning of an even darker time in history. Hoping for the former!

  11. Is this 1 of the investigations or all of them?

    Even a year ago he was up to 4 investigations with dozens if not hundreds of investigations handed of to state prosecutors and other agencies. This would probably be far more by now.

    Is the whole Special Council running towards its end or is just 1 of the major branches being ended?

  12. Without anymore indictments the whole probe means nothing. Trump will get away with everything and America will continue to suffer under his psychotic and mentally disabled rule. He is so unstable and absolutely irrational. He needs to be removed.

  13. Everyone’s really harping on this moment.

    We may not hear anything remotely detailed about this for weeks or months, possibly ever.

    The best case scenario is them calling Mueller to testify, hear it from the horse’s mouth. A few yes or no questions to that man and I think everyone would get what they wanted to know.

  14. Is it true? That nothing will happen? Every german newspaper writes that it wont be enough to get rid of Trump.

    Im anti-Trump through and through, but this report has been hyped through heaven and hell and now it seems to be…well to do nothing since Barr can just take this thing down and say “well ye nothing bad happened bye”.

    And even if he wouldnt, there probably isnt anything in there that would convince the majority of republican voters that Trump is bad and should be impeached? Im asking because i dont know and everyone seems to be pessimistic.

  15. Some news outlets are reporting that the special council has recommended no further indictments. Can anyone explain to me what that means going forward and how sealed indictments factor in?

  16. I will accept whatever the report concludes, but heres my theory. It revolves around the idea of ‘how can you conclude innocence in the Trump Russia collusion in only 21 months’.

    The simple fact that there is very suspicious activities that are public knowledge such as the trump tower meeting, his meetings with putin with no advisors or notes or information, siding with Putin at Helsinki etc. Thats not criminal, its fucked but its not criminal, and it is suspicious and the campaign was warned well in advance of the election Russia was trying to interfere. I would expect if he was innocent this investigation would go on for a long time simply to ensure there was absolutely no collusion. The fact the most serious allegations against a sitting president of the US with strong suspicions exists and is concluded in a mere 21 months, to me, points to guilt or absolutely no evidence of collusion, and since we have at least public knowledge strong circumstantial evidence from multiple intelligence communities, we can rule out the absolutely no evidence portion and it points to guilt.

    It is no different than a jury deliberation, if its very quick, its usually bad because a case does not get brought to court with absolutely no evidence. 21 month investigation into this kind of allegation against a president is way to quick to conclude innocence.

    Again, I restate that is just my assessment and opinion.

  17. Fox News spin cycle in 3….2…..1…..
    Can we all agree to first read it in it’s entirety before leaping to whichever side you wanted to win all along? Let’s treat this as serious as it deserves.

  18. Be prepared for nothing Earth-shattering. A Republican special investigator is investigation a Republican president. My guess is “everyone who’s guilty of collusion has already been indicted and/or prosecuted”.

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