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Some pieces on why all hope is not lost, and why we still need to see the Mueller report

First,[this piece by Marcy Wheeler]( which if I could sum up in a paragraph or two:

> That’s not the crime that, the evidence quite clearly shows, Trump may have committed. This is not the crime that Manafort appears to have lied about in hopes of getting a pardon.

> In giving Trump the all-clear on obstruction charges, Barr appears not to have considered whether Trump obstructed the actual crime in question. He instead considered whether the president obstructed a different crime. This is the legal sleight of hand that has allowed Barr to proclaim that Trump will not be charged.

Then, [this piece by Neal Katyal,]( the man who *literally wrote the special counsel regulations Mueller was appointed under*, argues against Barr’s swift decision.

One large reason why we need to see the full report is to answer the question: Why did Mueller punt so much to the AG? Especially to a biased AG (I claim that thanks to his op-Ed he penned arguing that the investigation was unfounded, and arguing that Trump wasn’t committing obstruction of justice).

One issue that Mariotti points out, “The legal issues are also complex, because there has never been a case in which a president has obstructed justice by using his official functions. I believe that a president could obstruct justice in that manner, but it is an unprecedented case.” [Source](

So it would be useful to hear Mueller’s reasoning, and his evidence for every side that he presented to the AG. Plus, here’s [one source claiming that the Mueller report is “really damaging to the president.”]( They can’t “answer any questions about it.” But it’s supposedly “bad”.

There are several issues with Barr’s summary, and several reasons we need to see Mueller’s reasoning for some decisions he made. Plus, we don’t know what in there may be damning to Trump, but not enough to meet the high high bar that prosecutors have which is “*beyond any reasonable doubt*”. So for those reasons, we need to see the SCO’s full report. My (completely untrained) recommendation would be to ask your representatives to bring in Mueller, and/or Barr or Rosenstein.

Edit to say:

The media, or politicians, SOMEONE needs to start questioning whether Mueller’s investigation was laughably narrow, or Barr misrepresented Mueller’s findings.

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