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2 thoughts on “Schumer unsatisfied with AG nominee Barr’s position on Mueller probe

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  2. Schumer has every reason to be skeptical of Barr — as this 1992 [essay]([]( by William Safire on Barr’s role in covering up the George H.W. scandal known as Iraqgate makes clear.

    “Public disclosure of classified information harms the national security,” Attorney General William Barr instructed the House Banking Committee last week. “. . . in light of your recent disclosures, the executive branch will not provide any more classified information” — unless the wrongdoing is kept secret.

    “Your threat to withhold documents,” responded Chairman Gonzalez, “has all the earmarks of a classic effort to obstruct a proper and legitimate investigation . . . none of the documents compromise, in any fashion whatsoever, the national security or intelligence sources and methods.”

    Mr. Barr, in personal jeopardy, has flung down the gauntlet. *Chairman Gonzalez tells me he plans to present his obstruction case this week to House Judiciary Chairman Jack Brooks, probably flanked by Representatives Charles Schumer and Barney Frank, members of both committees.*

    “I will recommend that Judiciary consider requiring the appointment of an independent counsel,” says Mr. Gonzalez, who has been given reason to believe that Judiciary — capable of triggering the Ethics in Government Act — will be persuaded to act.

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