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Rudy Giuliani Worked For Ukrainian-Russian Businessman Under Investigation for Illegal Donations to Trump Inauguration; Pavel Fuks worked with Trump years earlier to try to erect a Trump building in Moscow

Dan Friedman is [reporting]( in *Mother Jones* that Giuliani was paid to do work in Ukraine for **Pavel Fuks**, a Ukrainian businessman aligned with pro-Russia interests, who attended Trump’s inauguration. The special counsel is investigating where Fuks and other foreign nationals funneled money to Trump’s inaugural committee.

Fuks also has a long-standing business relationship with the Trump Organization.

>**Giuliani told *Mother Jones* that Pavel Fuks, an oil and real estate magnate, hired his security firm, Giuliani Security & Safety, in 2017 to advise Kharkiv, a city of 1.4 million in Ukraine.** “He was [a] sponsor of a preliminary study that my firm did of security and emergency management in Kharkiv and some on advice on a planned Holocaust Memorial,” Giuliani said in a text message. However, a Ukrainian magazine, *Novoye Vremya*, reported last year that **Fuks said he retained Giuliani to “create a U.S. office for supporting investment in” Kharkiv. When asked about Fuks’ claim, Giuliani said, “I have no knowledge of that.”** He said he did not do any work in the United States for Fuks or Kharkiv.

>In November 2017, Giuliani traveled to Kharkiv, located near the Russian border in eastern Ukraine, in connection with the work. That year, he was also photographed with Fuks in New York. But the former mayor minimized their connection, saying that his personal involvement in the project ended in December 2017 and that his firm has no continuing relationship with Fuks.

>Giuliani declined to say how much Fuks paid his firm but noted it was “well in line with similar projects all over the world.” He said his work for Fuks does not come “anywhere near a conflict” with his current work for Trump. But the connection highlights the complications caused by Giuliani’s work for international clients, among them autocrats and allegedly corrupt officials, as he represents the president.

>Giuliani’s work in Ukraine is notable because **Fuks and other prominent Ukrainians have recently emerged as figures in the Trump-Russia scandal. The *New York Times* reported last week that Fuks is among a dozen Ukrainian businessmen and political officials who attended Trump’s inauguration.** During their time in Washington, DC, some of the Ukrainians arranged meetings with Republicans and Trump allies to promote peace plans regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict that were aligned with the Kremlin’s interests.

>The presence of the Ukrainians, including Fuks, at exclusive inaugural confabs has drawn Mueller’s interest. Tickets to many of these events required donations of tens of thousands of dollars to the inaugural committee, which could not legally accept foreign money. **Mueller is reportedly investigating whether Americans helped Ukrainians and other foreign nationals funnel donations to the inaugural committee and to a political action committee run by Trump allies.**

>Born in Kharkiv, Fuks reportedly got rich in Moscow in the 2000s through investments in real estate, energy, and banking. **Fuks has said that he negotiated with the Trump Organization between 2004 and 2010 to use the Trump brand on a Moscow tower he owned.** Fuks told *Talking Points Memo* that **he met with Trump in New York City in 2006 and in Palm Beach in 2008** to discuss the venture, which never went forward. **He has also claimed to have a relationship with Donald Trump Jr.**

>Since 2015, Fuks has operated in Ukraine, investing in gas, real estate, and other ventures. He has built ties to Ukrainian politicians, including Kharkiv Mayor Hennadiy Kernes, a prominent former member of Yanukovych’s party. In 2014, Kernes was shot by a sniper while bicycling, leaving him partly paralyzed. Giuliani said in a text that he was “very impressed with Mayor [Kernes] who was crippled during the Russian invasion and fought them off.” **Public reports on the shooting differ substantially from Giuliani’s account. In 2015, Kernes was charged along with some of his bodyguards with kidnapping, torturing, and threatening to murder two anti-Yanukovych activists.** The charges were thrown out last fall, after prosecutors reportedly failed to show up to hearings.

>Al Jazeera reported last year that **Fuks was questioned by Ukrainian authorities about a complex scheme to obtain $160 million of assets allegedly stolen from the country by Yanukovych**, who was forced out of power and fled the country in 2014. Yanukovych had employed Manafort as a lobbyist and adviser. The former Trump campaign chairman is currently imprisoned and awaiting sentencing for tax evasion, money laundering, and other crimes, many of which involve his efforts to hide millions of dollars in payments he received from Yanukovych and his allies.

**Fuks in the NYT Article:**

>Another prominent businessman who had worked with Mr. Trump years earlier to try to erect a Trump building in Moscow, the Ukrainian-Russian developer Pavel Fuks, also was in Washington for the inauguration.

>Mr. Fuks, who has since fallen out of favor in Moscow and was placed under sanctions by the Kremlin, stayed at Trump International Hotel, and spent time with Vitaliy Khomutynnik, a businessman and parliamentarian who had been a member of the Russia-aligned party for which Mr. Manafort worked. Mr. Fuks and Mr. Khomutynnik talked with Representatives Kevin McCarthy and Ed Royce, both influential California Republicans at the time.

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