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7 thoughts on “Robert Mueller’s draft report leak is devastating for Donald Trump

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  2. The fuck is this?

    “If we’ve learned anything about Robert Mueller over the past year, it’s that he periodically likes to strategically feed details to the press to steer them in the right direction and lay the groundwork for his next move.”

    That’s literally the opposite of what he does. All leaks have come from the defence side of things. The Special Counsel has been tight as a drum, talking only through court documents. I’d believe Bernstein’s sources are people who’ve seen sealed filings before I’d believe it’s anyone in Mueller’s office.

  3. I’m always so skeptical when I see these types of headlines. Mueller and his office haven’t leaked yet. Every time we see something saying that there’s a leak, it has always been bogus.

    I have no doubt that the report will be devastating, but any alleged leaks should be taken with a grain of salt.

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