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[Question] What ever happened to the Rod Rosenstein resignation?

That was huge news just a couple months ago but, unless I’m mistaken, he has not resigned / been fired. Also if he hasn’t resigned / been fired, is he still overseeing the Mueller investigation?

Does anyone have a good summary on this situation? Was it just some BS that the White House released to undermine the investigation? Did someone in the White House tell Trump this would not be good, especially with the thought that their may be sealed indictments in case he were to go through with forcing a resignation / firing Rod?

Where / how does Matthew Whitaker fit in all of this? Hasn’t he talked about completely de-funding the entire investigation?

Sorry for all of the questions.

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4 thoughts on “[Question] What ever happened to the Rod Rosenstein resignation?

  1. I was under the impression that after Trump hired Whitaker, he stopped caring about Rosenstein. I’m almost certain he is under the impression that Whitaker took oversight of Mueller out of Rosenstein’s hands (he still hasn’t recused himself, and refuses to despite Ethics’ recommendation).

    Rosenstein’s still there, but out of 45’s narrow line of sight.

  2. This occurred 9/24/18 according to my searches on Twitter.

    It was reported by enough actual outlets that I suspect someone was muddying the waters (or perhaps he resigned before being convinced to stay on), or something similar. I haven’t seen an actual story detailing what happened, behind the scene wise, that caused the reporting to occur – but again, widely reported by many actual news outlets.

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