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3 thoughts on “Pelosi calls for family ‘intervention’ with Trump

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  2. Please be patient with Nancy. She knows what she’s doing here. It’s difficult for me to be patient but I trust her with this. It’s 100% what several of us have been saying for awhile: most people, when dealing with a spouse or parent displaying the behavior Trump is displaying, schedule doctor appointments and evaluations. (I know his kids and Jared will probably take this as it means they need to get their hands involved with his day to day presidential duties but no, they just need to leave the west wing)

    Normally, people step down from responsibility as the treatment plan is put in place. Family take on the responsibility for care and/or hire care. Some folks head into a nursing home or assisted living facility.

    Trump needs to be in a doctor’s office and not the oval office. The way I take Nancy’s comment is that Trump’s cognitive abilities have gone down hill since they last met. She obviously saw and heard a change and Trump has reached a point where he’s incoherent. (I rarely listen to him, he hasn’t made sense for a long time.)

    No problem jumping on the bandwagon that Trump is a victim. I think this is the proper next step. He’s in poor health, failing, mentally and cognitively and being victimized not by Dems but by those he has surrounded himself with. They are easily manipulating Trump for their own personal agenda. This victimization of Trump should be what is being reported. To a Narcissist, he will both love being referred to as a victim but be driven insane further by the realization that these people he’s surrounded himself with are not loyal to him but are manipulating him.

    Nancy knows what she’s doing. Follow her lead for just a bit longer.

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