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2 thoughts on “On What Grounds Can the FBI Investigate the President as a Counterintelligence Threat?

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  2. The author is trying to define a convoluted legal basis against a possible counterintelligence investigation on Trump without taking public facts already in evidence.

    At the time of the Comey firing, it has been reported that Trump as not the target of the FBI investigation but a subject. The investigation was directed against his campaign.

    It’s highly likely the FBI had a playbook of possible actions that a compromised president would follow, including firing people to stop investigations, sharing classified intelligence with Russia and pushing for actions that have long been contrary to directives from both Republican and Democrat presidents (e.g. NATO).

    Once Trump crossed that threshold, he became the target of the election theme counterintelligence investigation. In other words, the FBI was and is investigating the actions of candidate and later President-Elect Trump. Those actions are not protected by Article II.

    While I agree with the chilling prospect of a repeat of a J. Edgar Hoover, the author is probably going too far in his assumptions.

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