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9 thoughts on “Mueller Report Will Be Released Thursday, Justice Dept. Says

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  2. We have found Donald Trump to be ~~guilty of~~ a ~~vast number of crimes and recommend that Congress be the one to indite him and the rest of his co-conspirators as that it is too~~ great ~~a task for our position to indite a sitting~~ president.

  3. Barr is trying to hide and postpone.It is a shame that the dems in the house have become spectators just like us. This guy lies and manipulates and they keep sitting on the already approved subpoena.

    [Mueller report drops on Thursday mornin’! Just in time to be drowned out by Passover, Easter and a Congressional recess.The ultimate day for the ultimate cover-up](

  4. A weird part of me hopes the full/un-redacted details of the report are never released. If we never have the full details, then republicans can never claim with complete confidence that Trump didn’t collude.

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