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Mueller issues subpoenas to three witnesses in continuing investigation of Stone associate Jerome Corsi

Mueller issues subpoenas to three witnesses in continuing investigation of Stone associate Jerome Corsi

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2 thoughts on “Mueller issues subpoenas to three witnesses in continuing investigation of Stone associate Jerome Corsi

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  2. > Corsi said that Stettner was questioned by the FBI in recent weeks because he has, on and off over the course of many years, helped fix Corsi’s computers. **Of particular interest to the FBI agents, Corsi said, was a computer of his that Stettner wiped of all its contents in the weeks leading up to Corsi’s subpoena to testify before the special counsel’s grand jury in late August.**

    > Corsi and his wife, Monica Corsi told ABC News in a recent interview following Stettner’s encounter with the FBI that Stettner wiped the computer because Monica Corsi wanted to use the computer for her New Jersey-based small business, rather than buy a new one. He said neither he nor his wife had nefarious intentions.

    > “I don’t see how I can be accused of destroying evidence or a conspiracy to obstruct justice when I simply allowed – before I knew I was under investigation — my stepson to restore a computer,” Corsi told ABC News. “I didn’t see the harm in wiping [the computer] instead of buying a new one.”


    The above explains how Mueller’s Office has Corsi by the balls for destroying evidence.

    This explains why they are interested:

    > Corsi, known for promulgating political smear campaigns and conspiracy theories, rejected a plea deal he says was offered to him by Mueller in November, saying he could not sign on to a plea deal for a crime he says he did not commit.

    > The agreement would have allowed Corsi to plead guilty to **one count of lying to federal investigators about communications with an unidentified “associate’s request to get in touch with an organization that he understood to be in possession of stolen emails and other documents pertaining to the 2016 U.S. presidential election,”** according to a draft of the plea agreement Corsi provided to reporters.

    > That unknown associate mentioned by Mueller matches the description of Roger Stone, who hired Corsi to do research for him during the 2016 election.

    > Stone has been under scrutiny from the special counsel in part because of statements he made in August of 2016 which critics allege suggest he knew that WikiLeaks was going to leak damaging information on Clinton before it was released.

    > **In an email exchange from the summer of 2016 reviewed by ABC News, Stone and Corsi appeared to communicate about ways to contact Julian Assange**, the controversial WikiLeaks founder, about the imminent release of information meant to damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president.

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