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4 thoughts on “Mueller is coming. For serious this time.

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  2. MELANIA You’ll be all right now?

    DONALD Yeah, fine.

    MELANIA Will you wake me if you need me?

    DONALD I will.

    Melania shuts her eyes and dozes off. Donald takes a deep breath and shuts his eyes. But they don’t stay shut. The thing on the wing is still bothering him. He glances at Melania. Seeing that she’s asleep, Donald hesitantly lifts his hand to the window curtain. But he immediately lowers it, afraid of what he might see on the other side. After a long moment, he comes to a decision. Very slowly, he reaches for the curtain. Abruptly, he whips the curtain away to reveal Robert Mueller pressed against the glass, staring at Donald curiously. Donald freaks. He shuts his eyes, rears his head back, opens his mouth, and starts whispering to himself.

    DONALD He isn’t there. He isn’t there.

    Donald opens his eyes but does not look at the window.

    DONALD (weakly, to Melania) Honey? Would you wake up, honey?

    But she’s fast asleep. Donald sees the creature hasn’t moved. Panicking, Donald sees the stewardess.

    DONALD (gestures to the stewardess) Quickly!

    While Donald turns to the stewardess, The_Mueller nonchalantly flies straight up and out of view. The stewardess arrives just as Donald turns back to the window.

    STEWARDESS Yes, Mr. President?

    Donald doesn’t respond. He’s staring out the window at the empty wing.

    STEWARDESS Can I help you, Mr. President?

    Donald tries to regain his composure.

    DONALD Are we going into a storm?

    STEWARDESS (smiles) Just a small one. Nothing to worry about.

    The stewardess walks off. Donald shuts his eyes and tries to get a grip.

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