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More than a quarter of key lawmakers won’t say if they’ve read the full Mueller report.

How many lawmakers actually read the entire 448-page, redacted Mueller report released on April 18?

A [Washington Post canvass of House and Senate members]( on the relevant committees — the Judiciary and Intelligence committees in both chambers — found most saying they have read the publicly released report in its entirety, but over 3 in 10 declined to respond to five yes-or-no questions after repeated contact attempts, offered unclear answers or said they have not read the full report.

Three out of the four Republican chairmen or ranking GOP members on the Judiciary and Intelligence committees did not respond when asked how they reviewed the report, while one senior Democratic senator said he has read the executive summaries but not the full report with redactions.

Note: Be careful how much you read into this. It’s self-reported data – some people might claim to have read the whole thing but haven’t read a word. Also, among the people who failed to answer is Kamala Harris, and given her understanding of the subject I find it hard to believe she didn’t read it.

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