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Mitch McConnell Received $3.5M In Campaign Donations From Russian Oligarch-Linked Firm

Mitch McConnell Received $3.5M In Campaign Donations From Russian Oligarch-Linked Firm

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27 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell Received $3.5M In Campaign Donations From Russian Oligarch-Linked Firm

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  2. FTA:

    > Blavatnik contributed a total of $3.5 million to a PAC associated with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. Blavatnik contributed $1.5 million to the GOP Senate Leadership Fund PAC in the name of Access Industries and another $1 million in the name of AI-Altep Holdings during the 2015/2016 election season. And as of September 2017, he had contributed another $1 million this year through AI–Altep.

    That’s the end result of the Citizens United decision at work. You’ve got all of this money coming into PACs and SuperPACs and whatnot that isn’t held to the same regulatory, reporting, and behavioral standards as the campaigns. It’s not going to be long before the amount of money contributed to a candidate’s PAC will absolutley dwarf the amount of money contributed to their actual campaign. The notion that the PACs don’t coordinate with the campaigns is absolutely absurd.

  3. And what system do we have in place to prevent this ?

    What McConnell is doing isn’t illegal and 3.5m buys a lot of votes. Why on earth would he stop? Most of his supporters probably think it’s pretty clever that he’s extorting money from Russia.

  4. Cocaine Mitch is a Moscow bitch

    Taken money and that ain’t funny

    He needs his green cause he’s a lettuce eating machine

    Suckin Putins dick for a little blow…

    selling out America with Roger Stone

  5. **Money is the root of all evil**

    Racism, sexism, corruption, all of it. Follow the money and you will find the root cause of nearly all society’s ills.

    Prioritizing wealth accumulation over all else is what got us here. We need to hold them accountable and reign in the wealth inequality first in our nation, then the world.

    To MAGAnerds, this does NOT mean full on communism and socialism. We live in a democratic socialist nation now and we should expand that concept fully. I pay for roads and schools I’ll never drive on/go to, now tax the rich fairly and provide the rest of the services people need to survive every day.

    Bezos didn’t make $130 billion off his hard work. He did so off the backs of cheap labor while exploiting broken rules.

  6. Could this shit be stopped by a Democrat president? Like, congress is cancerous at this point. You likely won’t get 2/3 of them to agree to end this system when half of them need it to exist. But if we elect a democrat to the oval office and they were to issue an executive order barring the acceptance of political money from foreign countries, and congress did not have the power to override it (which they likely wouldn’t) could that work? I know the Republicans would take it to the Supreme Court, but I’m not sure if citizens united specifically allows for the money to come from outside the country.

    It’s so funny, just as an aside, how vocally opposed all these people are to globalization, while meanwhile they rely on the purchasing of their influence by foreign powers.

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