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Lindsey Graham to Kavanaugh at hearing: “if you lived a good life people would recognize it, like The American Bar Association has” // The American Bar Association: “Delay Kavanaugh until FBI investigates assault allegations”

Lindsey Graham to Kavanaugh at hearing: “if you lived a good life people would recognize it, like The American Bar Association has” // The American Bar Association: “Delay Kavanaugh until FBI investigates assault allegations”

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35 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham to Kavanaugh at hearing: “if you lived a good life people would recognize it, like The American Bar Association has” // The American Bar Association: “Delay Kavanaugh until FBI investigates assault allegations”

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  2. Found on Facebook, edited for quicker reading:

    What’s the rush with Kavanaugh you say? Why not investigate?

    Here is why:

    If you check out SCOTUSblog, you will see that on next month’s docket is: Gamble v. U.S., No. 17-646. Issue(s): Whether the Supreme Court should overrule the “separate sovereigns” exception to the double jeopardy clause. They are desperate. The plan was to appoint Kavanaugh early this week so that he would be seated in time for this ruling. It was in the bag. Saves everyone involved from state charges. Not only Trump but all políticos who were knowingly enriched by the $$$ funneled through the NRA into the coffers of McConnell, Graham, Rubio, Ryan, etc. So if Kavanaugh gets appointed he’d effectively vote to stop states from charging Trump or anyone else involved. This is an obstruction of justice.

  3. Lindsey Graham and Kavanaugh, along with the rest of the GOP who refuse to even open an investigation are the type of swamp I believe need to be cleaned out.

    About 10 years ago, when I was in US Government HS class, my teacher had us do some sort of fantasy football thing but for Congress. Fantasy Congress I think existed then. Anyway, the Democrats and Independents usually vote along what I believe in socially so I had team of Democrats and Independents. I did have one Republican, who I found at the time to be a bit more bipartisan than the rest, Lindsey Graham. Now, I just feel disgusted listening and watching him.

    While there are some questions about Ford’s testimony, she seems to have a few nice things that can or has been stated to be corroborated. That July 2 1982 calendar entry submitted by Kavanaugh… the recounting of Judge’s summer employment. Enough so that I believe that -some entity- needs to actually investigate the claims.

    Kavanaugh on the other hand seemed unhinged in his testimony. Even if I didn’t believe Ford, didn’t his sworn testimony include “I didn’t watch Ford’s testimony” while Wall Street Journal reported that he had it on in a room he was in? On top of that, his behavior and attitude seemed unbefitting of the standard I believe a Justice of the Supreme Court to behave. He sounded extremely partisan.

    It’s also extremely frustrating that Ford was questioned as if she was on trial but Kavanaugh didn’t by Rachel Mitchell.

  4. This is the type of thing that should be submitted, en masse, to Graham’s office and all of his social media profiles.

    Edit: I just emailed his office with said link. Don’t expect much, as I’m not a constituent, but at least he knows we’re watching.

  5. Even the past couple of years haven’t taught me how many Conservatives I’m friends with. The past week though makes me glad I never my house. I’ve seen too many men with daughters show their support for him saying “Their children are going to grow up and be responsible and not wait for the wrong time to report or speak out.” Women who have said “I believe him because I saw him cry. No man would cry if he was guilty.” I’m just like, where did we go wrong?

  6. If he’s so innocent then “fuckface Yale boy” should allow the FBI investigation. IDGAF how many times before they have ran thru his past. If you are going for a very public and important role in government you’d better damn well expect them to go over these items with a fine-toothed comb. This is Trump’s america clearly.

  7. Graham’s “fiery” speech seemed awfully personal and defensive, almost like he’s afraid that allowing investigation into these allegations might open up others to investigation, like say some men making accusations about an effeminate lifelong-bachelor that drugged & raped them years ago as teens.

    All I know for sure is that whomever investigates allegations of sexual impropriety of Washington’s power players had better not fly on small aircraft. They tend to crash.

  8. In his meltdown he also tried to suggest people want BK to be innocent and stay out of trouble during college, but the words he used were: “People expect you to be BILL COSBY in college.” LOL.

    He is my Senator and I have written to him multiple times to let him know that I am going to do everything in my power to see him out of office in 2020. He no longer represents SC.

  9. I had the great displeasure of listening to Lindsey’s outburst live yesterday and he is an absolute embarrassment to any reasonable US citizen.

    His sweeping statements and his sureness of his nonsense are cringeworthy

  10. Lindsey Graham is currently saying he is a single white male being told to shut up, and he will not do that!

    First, Lindsey, old rich white men run into problems playing the oppression card…

    Second, no one is telling you not to have a voice! Compassion! Understanding! Love for the constituents you claim to serve! That’s what people are *asking* you to have! This isn’t a situation where you are a victim. This is a situation where you are openly denying any consideration of a victim because it interferes with a clearly transparent political agenda.

    Just needed to vent that somewhere.

  11. Screw the allegations, he can’t be a judge, he’s obviously biased.. There must be some ethics law about putting cronies on the SUPREME COURT!! Unbelievable corruption, it’s sad..

  12. Everything is so f*cking primal right now. I just feel like women are all Christine because we hurt (whether we are victims of sexual crime or not). We hurt over what this Admin & this Congress is doing to us. And we try to be as articulate about it as possible. Try to present our cases as organized & thoughtful as possible. To be “collegial” about our jobs, our environment, our voting rights, our bodies. And to be ignored….you just keep shaking because you want to cry & scream. You want to hurt the men that are hurting you & calling you “mixed-up”. November, November, November.

  13. It’s a weird position we find ourselves in. We expect our elected officials to be beyond reproach, however we constantly talk about how they are dirty and liars.

  14. We now know how it went and it all comes together.

    Ford was at the country club and Bret and Mark were there also.

    They told her about this party to get the 15 year old to the house.

    But there was no party. That was a lie. They got her upstairs and tried to rape her with their devils triangle.

    She was able to get away just because of dumb luck having swim practice earlier and had a one piece swim suit on. Maybe saved her life.

    This is text book sexual predator behavior.

    The only other two at the home had NO idea what was happening up stairs.

    She left and they do not remember something where nothing special happened to them.

    It is possible Kavanaugh does not remember. He appears to have been a heavy drinker. Maybe still is.

    It all makes sense now. The piece that was missing and Ford helped with is that it was NOT a house party. That was a sham to get her there.

    Might think it is ok to try to rape a women and sit on SCOTUS.

    But we should not longer question what happened. It is now crystal clear.

  15. I keep wondering what they have on Graham. Up until recently he was not blindly supporting Trump but all of a sudden he is. Now maybe it’s just he is backing Yurtle the Turtle and wants the seat filled with a hard right anti abortion judge but it seems quite the flop on Graham’s part. It’s ok Lindsey, EVERYONE knows you are gay.

  16. Trump: ive heard of the american bar association, bad hombres, terrible. Dont like me. Dont like Brett. Ans i ask, what does an beer shop have to do with law? It doesnt they’re out of line. My bigly amart laywers came to me. Asked me because im smart, big brain. You know it, china knows it. China loves me, china though hacked out election. Fought me. LOST. We are WINNING FOLKS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

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