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14 thoughts on “Judge Napolitano Just Said, “This Is Collusion,” on Fox

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  2. He has said this before. I would have to dig for it but I specifically remember commenting on the Reddit post about it. I said something like he is their chief judiciary person and he just told millions of Fox News watchers that Trump colluded with Russia. I also found videos of him a year or so ago saying the whole investigation and collusion narrative was bogus. So either he has dementia or his sources let him know just how serious this all actually is.

  3. Fox viewers think that either Hillary or George Soros got to Napolitano and forced him the flip… ‘I don’t get it, he used to be so honorable, and now he’s anti-Trump’

  4. I guess even Fox has to admit it that if it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, it swims, it flies and eats like a duck, the DNA test shows it’s a duck and a preschooler points at it to be a duck, then it’s collusion.

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