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4 thoughts on “Jeffrey Epstein Borrowed ‘Tainted Money’ From Deutsche Bank, Says Former Mentor

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  3. > In a phone interview with Observer, Steven Hoffenberg alleged Epstein participated in a Ponzi scheme the two ran together in the 1980s, before using the ill-gotten gains to launch his investment company with the help of financial loans from Deutsche Bank.
    > …
    > “If Jeffrey Epstein was materially involved in the management of Towers Financial, as his former associate Steven Hoffenberg has alleged, or he substantially assisted and had knowledge of the Ponzi scheme through various corporate transactions with Towers Financial, then he would be subject to liability for that Ponzi, and further, may have committed securities fraud on his future clients by not disclosing his prior involvement,” Jeff Sonn, a securities attorney and founder of Sonn Law Group, told Observer. “The problem I see is that Hoffenberg waited some 20 years to come forward with these new allegations, and he may have reduced his 18-year sentence by implicating Epstein in the Ponzi scheme back in 1994 but didn’t do so.”
    > Hoffenberg said he did not tell prosecutors because he pleaded guilty at the time, but later came forward because he believed Epstein should pay restitution to Towers investors. Hoffenberg also told Observer that Deutsche Bank provided significant financial loans to Epstein.
    > “His lead bank is Deutsche Bank, Germany, that runs the lead on his financial trust company. They run the platform in the trading of the currencies for Epstein and with Epstein. He’s never disclosed to the investors that provide the money to Deutsche Bank his true legacy, that’s securities fraud,” said Hoffenberg. “And that makes the government available to seize all his money, literally all his money. He’s not going to be able to use his money because it’s got to go to a restitution fund because it’s tainted money.”

    Deutsche Bank…[how much money are you guys gonna wash](

    First we find out this dude [Epstein may have had foreign intelligence connections](… now he’s using the [same tainted bank thats jumping ship in the industry]( The same bank that [Trump has sordid mysterious connections to]( which itself [has ties to foreign organized crime](

    The hell is going on???

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