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8 thoughts on “Is there a FISA warrant against Donald Trump?

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  2. Yeah, maybe the fbi is aware that the Russians planted electronics in the White House when Doturd brought Russians spies inside, WITHOUT any other Americans or press. It’s f’in obvious this sh*thead is a threat to our country and democracy.

  3. Doesn’t a FISA warrant need to go through the Attourney General?

    If so, would that have automatically gone to Rosenstein without Sessions’ knowledge seeing as Sessions was recused from the Russia Investigation?

    I’m just a little dubious about the Palmer Report. It’s an incredibly partial source. I hope like hell there was a FISA warrant but it feels like wishful thinking.

  4. FISA warrant, if he’s a target, is made more interesting because Trump uses two phones. One for official business and one for Twitter and other personal comma. And, if his family’s habits are anything like his own, he probably still uses personal email.

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