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Indicted Oligarch Dmytro Firtash Praises Paul Manafort, Says Trump Has Third-Grade Smarts (mentions Mogilevich)

Indicted Oligarch Dmytro Firtash Praises Paul Manafort, Says Trump Has Third-Grade Smarts (mentions Mogilevich)

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2 thoughts on “Indicted Oligarch Dmytro Firtash Praises Paul Manafort, Says Trump Has Third-Grade Smarts (mentions Mogilevich)

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  2. This just reveals Trump’s ties to the underworld in the most glaring fashion that I think we may have ever seen:

    I mean…
    Jesus. Christ.

    > Because of his work in the gas industry, Firtash also met a man who would become one of the globe’s most notorious thugs: Semion **Mogilevich**, a Russian mob boss who has spent years on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Before he was poisoned in the U.K., ex-Soviet spy Alexander Litvinenko claimed Putin and Mogilevich had a “good relationship,” as Business Insider detailed.
    > “Half of the Soviet Union knows him, everyone knows him,” Firtash said. “He’s from Ukraine. Everyone knows him, I’m not the only one who knows him. As I remember, we met in one gas company, but I don’t want to name it.”
    > “I’m acquainted with him, I’ve seen him, I know him, but I never had business or anything else with him,” Firtash continued, adding that it “wouldn’t be appropriate” for him to say what gas company **Mogilevich** worked for.
    > Firtash’s acquaintance with **Mogilevich** drew public interest in 2010, when WikiLeaks posted a tranche of stolen State Department cables. One cable, from the American embassy in Kiev, detailed a conversation Firtash had with then-Ambassador Bill Taylor. According to the cable, Firtash claimed that he’d needed Mogilevich’s approval to get started in the gas trade. According to Firtash, the cable was a lie.

    I mean my heavens…this is insanity:

    > Firtash has been staying in Austria since 2014, when Austrian authorities arrested him on America’s behalf. **His relative freedom within the country is thanks to an assist from a Russian billionaire named Vasily Anisimov, who helped him post his bond—a cool $174 million**. Anisimov is on the Treasury Department’s 2018 so-called “Putin List” of oligarchs who found good fortune under Vladimir Putin’s leadership, as CNN notes. When he bailed out Firtash, it raised eyebrows. But Firtash told The Daily Beast it was just business.

    This is just so revealing…

    >**“Do I need Trump? Hell no,” Firtash said.** “I watched on TV and it was clearer to me than if I had been in that hall.”
    > Then he waxed sarcastic.
    > “I, of course, understand that he’s a world philosopher and he’ll give such an epic speech that you need to record it and remember it forever,” he said.** “Unfortunately he only made it to the third grade, he can’t even talk. He has no education.”**
    > Trump is fond of noting that he attended the Wharton School of Business.
    > Asked to expound on his view of Trump’s intellect, Firtash said businessmen think differently from politicians.
    > **“Trump is a businessman, a person who went bankrupt four times,” he said. “That’s not easy; he was worming his way out of trouble all the time. In that sense, he’s pretty crafty,** capable enough of making decisions and getting things done. But I can’t say that he’s too smart. That I cannot say.”

    This is the dagger:

    > Is Putin manipulating him?
    > “Bullshit,” Firtash replied. “It’s just the Mogilevich fairytale, Part 2.”

    the sarcasm is deadly…Trump is the mob Manchurian candidate…

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