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How to frame extreme partisans (such as McConnell) as self-harming hacks?

This short article clicked w/ me [How to Discourage Extreme Partisanship]( and I want to think about how the strategy the article describes can apply to our modern broken politics. Using the partisan hack, McConnell as an example, true to the article, he embraces the boogeyman role, and it endears conservative-leaning ppl to his extreme ideology. How can he be re-framed as a self-harming, undesirable, loner? For McCarthy, he was a drunkard who discredited legitimate efforts to counter soviet subversion. At the end of his career, he was known as a disgrace to his home state of Wisconsin. The parallels to McConnell seem to exist. So how does the story end for McConnell? How is he a disgrace to republicans and the state of Kentucky, but most importantly, himself? How are his actions self-harming?

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2 thoughts on “How to frame extreme partisans (such as McConnell) as self-harming hacks?

  1. McConnell isn’t even liked in his own state, his approval rating is sat at 36% but the reason he keeps winning is his state is so fiercely republican that they’re scared of voting anyone in that isn’t Republican. I think the only way to really make him not get re-elected is to find a “centrist” Republican to compete against him

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