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House votes 420-0 to make Mueller’s report public

>Attorney General William Barr has so far refused to promise to make the contents of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe public — an issue that led most Senate Democrats to oppose his confirmation in the first place. Yet it seems even Republicans are fed up with the secrecy, as the House voted unanimously Thursday on a resolution demanding the report be made public.

>Both sides of the aisle teamed up, voting 420-0 to make Mueller’s report on potential ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russian election interference available to Congress and the public. Eight members of Congress didn’t vote and four Republicans voted “present,” but no one voted against the non-binding resolution. The decision can’t force Barr to release the entire report to the public or even Congress, prompting some Republicans to say it was a “waste of time,” The Washington Post notes. There’s also no indication that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will bring it for a vote.

>Still, the resolution serves as an overwhelming reminder to Barr of what many lawmakers want from him. House Democrats have already started their own probe into the Trump campaign and administration, potentially to duplicate and expand on Mueller’s or provide what Barr may withhold. Mueller has reportedly been wrapping up his investigation, and is expected to release it to Barr in the next few months.

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2 thoughts on “House votes 420-0 to make Mueller’s report public

  1. Wow, that’s a stunning rebuke, frankly. I’m almost at a loss for words here. When was the last time we saw something that significant in terms of that number of Republicans actually calling out their party’s so-called leadership? Have they finally found their backbone?

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