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House Intelligence Committee Dedicating 7 Full-Time Investigators to Probe Collusion Between Trump Campaign and Russian Officials; total Democratic staff to increase from 11 to 24

Olivia Gazis is reporting in [CBS News]( that Chairman Adam Schiff has made offers to six new staffers, including a corruption expert and a former prosecutor. The committee is still looking to hire six more people as Schiff restructures the subcommittee and plans targeted lines of inquiry into the president and his 2016 campaign staff’s connections with Russian officials.

>The new majority has made offers to half a dozen new staffers, CBS News has learned, and is still searching for six more. Among the latest hires are an expert in corruption and illicit finance and a former prosecutor.

>The committee typically does not reveal much publicly about its staff; it is withholding names and most details about potential new hires as some of them progress through a lengthy security clearance process.

>”There’s a lot of work yet to be done on Russia,” a senior committee official told CBS News. “What we’re doing is we are creating a purpose-built team that will take the point on that.”

>As they assume the majority, Democrats under newly appointed Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., will add four members to the committee and more than double its staff, from 11 to roughly 24; Republicans will cut their staff count and, with some members having retired from Congress last year, likely keep their membership even at nine.

>About seven of the Democrats’ new staffers will be dedicated full-time to the committee’s residual work investigating alleged connections between President Trump, his campaign associates, and Russian officials – while a handful of other staffers will be available to assist in that investigation on a “surge” basis, committee officials say.

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