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2 thoughts on “Here are 11 questions we’d ask Robert Mueller.

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  2. Tl;dr:

    1 – why did you decide to end the investigation when you did?

    2 – do you believe that your investigation, and the many criminal charges that resulted from it, will deter campaigns from accepting foreign “dirt” on their opponents in the future?

    3 – what would you have done differently?

    4 – what laws, policies or rules would you recommend changing in light of your investigation?

    5 – in your report you noted that Donald Trump satisfied all three elements required in a court of law to show that the president committed obstruction of justice. Yet you declined to recommend charges. Isn’t that that demonstrating that the president committed all the elements of a crime essentially the same as saying that he broke the law?

    6 – in your only public comment about the probe in May, you stated: “The Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing.” Isn’t impeachment the only formal process?

    7 – do you agree with how Attorney General William Barr characterized you 448-pages report and your statement to him?

    8 – why didn’t you push harder to interview Trump in person, and can you help us understand how significant it was that some witnesses lied to you, deleted or lost communications or pleaded the Fifth to deprive you of testimony?

    9 – at what point did you decide not to take a position on obstruction by the president, and did you or your office give Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein any indication before March 2019 that an inconclusive finding on that issue was a possibility? And how was it decided that Rosenstein could supervise the investigation despite his key role in the firing of FBI director James Comey?

    10 – Trump’s most frequent public critique of your team was that it was made up of “angry Democrats” and “Trump haters”. Should you have paid more attention to the appearances and potential biases of people you hired, and were the duties of any attorneys of FBI agents limited out of conflict of interest concerns?

    11 – what’s next for you?

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