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3 thoughts on “‘Get Rid of My Kids’: Trump Told Kelly to Fire His Children, Claims New Book

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  2. >Trump complained that his daughter Ivanka and his son-in-law Jared Kushner “didn’t know how to play the game” and kept attracting negative press… they decided to make life difficult enough to force Kushner and Ivanka to resign. However, the pair survived… Ivanka and Kushner kept getting refused travel on Air Force planes—but found a workaround by inviting along a Cabinet secretary, often Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, to get access to the government flights.

    …Sounds like Trump and Kushvanka are playing two very different games, and Kushvanka plays it way better.

  3. If the kids are just taking advantage of all the perks of dad’s job and not giving a damn about the consequence then this might become even more of a dumpster fire than I ever could have imagined. I though they were all about family but it looks like they just use each as needed.

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