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6 thoughts on “Does anyone doubt that Donald Trump inspired the New Zealand massacre?

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  2. Yup. The shooter discussed Trump in his manifesto and had a mixed opinion. Trump absolutely played a part in all of this but to use Trump as a scapegoat for all issues relating to mental health, gun regulation, political division, geopolitical tension, religious tension, immigration policies, globalization, and all the other factors that contribute to these mass shootings isn’t sensible. Mass shootings from nationalist extremists happened before Trump and they’re likely to happen after trump. If we don’t consider what’s actually happening, we won’t be very successful at solving the problems we face.

  3. DJT may be a rotten bastard, but even those types aren’t absent of inspiration to a cohort of society. It would make sense to say that the causally is multiple. I definitely think that the rhetoric of Trump, and other far right leaders play a factor.

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