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[Discussion Thread 2] Manafort Sentence, Fresh New York Indictment on 16 Charges, and Propaganda Watch (Treason & Russian Collusion Talking Points)

Discussion thread for the evening crowd after work and everyone else. I think it’s only fair. Most people were at work when this news dropped. I will lock the first one soon. Additionally the first was surely bound to prompt emotionally charged reactions. Now, after we’ve had some information to digest and cool down and have working people join, I think it’s a good idea to discuss this anew.


#NOTE: [RE:TREASON] Stop diluting this word in this conversation. Stop helping the formidable, clever, and slick propagandists. Treason is unrelated to this. [See my edit from the previous thread.]( (As is Russian collusion/conspiracy).

#####[Discussion thread 1](

#####Some good articles to read:


* Bloomberg: [Manafort’s Second Sentencing Pushes Prison Total to 7 1/2 Years](

* NPR: [Paul Manafort Sentenced To 3.5 More Years In Prison; New State Indictment Announced](

* NY Times: [Paul Manafort Is Sentenced to 3.5 More Years in Prison](

* Reuters: [U.S. judge gives Manafort 73 months](

* Washington Post: [Paul Manafort is sentenced to a total of 90 months in prison for conspiracy and fraud](

**New York charges:**

PDF: [Indictment]( (See comments for list of the 16 charges)

* CNBC: [NY prosecutors announce Manafort indictment minutes after federal sentencing](

* NY Times: [New York Charges Paul Manafort With 16 Crimes. If He’s Convicted, Trump Can’t Pardon Him.](

* Vox: [Paul Manafort indicted in New York state on 16 charges](


###Russian collusion/conspiracy non-sequitur talking point

Propagandists (Russians, GOP, Trump, his base, etc) will be trying to dilute and misdirect this story in part by making it (and the other case) about Trump and/or Manafort or campaign conspiring with Russia. Such as:

* [ 2 courts have ruled no evidence of Russian collusion: Manafort lawyer after verdict](

>Manafort’s attorney Kevin Downing said after his client was sentenced for financial crimes, that there was once again no evidence of Russian collusion.

#####Whereas, the judge CLEARLY said:

>”Any conspiracy, collusion… was not presented in this case,” she said. “Therefore it was not resolved by this case.”

>”It’s hard to understand why an attorney would write that,” she said about Manafort’s defense team’s approach. “No collusion” is “simply a non-sequitur.”

They tried to pull this weak shit last week too.

[Trump ~~falsely claims~~ blatantly lies that Manafort judge declared there was ‘no collusion’ with Russia](

>Trump last week weighed in on Manafort’s first sentencing by twisting a federal judge’s words to claim that there was no collusion with Russia in the 2016 campaign. (While the judge noted that Manafort wasn’t accused of collusion and that the trial focused on unrelated financial crimes, he did NOT declare that there was no collusion in 2016.)

And don’t miss the latest: [Michael Cohen Has Email Showing Trump Obstructed Justice by Dangling Pardon](

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3 thoughts on “[Discussion Thread 2] Manafort Sentence, Fresh New York Indictment on 16 Charges, and Propaganda Watch (Treason & Russian Collusion Talking Points)

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  2. This is pretty disappointing, but I had a thought. What if these light sentences are the carrot, and the new charges from NY are the stick, and Manafort has worked out a deal with the FBI a la Felix Sater? [Andrew Weissmann, the federal prosecutor who arranged Sater’s plea deal is now a prosecutor in Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia probe](

    It’s all dirty as hell, but sometimes guys like this are more useful to the feds if they’re not locked in a box.

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