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4 thoughts on “Democrat Schiff questions if Mueller probing Trump-Deutsche Bank link

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  2. >“If the special counsel hasn’t subpoenaed Deutsche Bank, he can’t be doing much of a money-laundering investigation,” Schiff said.

    >“So that’s what concerns me, that that red line has been enforced, whether by the deputy attorney general or by some other party at the Justice Department. But that leaves the country exposed,” Schiff said.


    >The bank, one of the world’s largest financial institutions, was ensnared in a massive Russian money-laundering investigation and was fined heavily by both U.S. and U.K. regulators in 2017 for practices involving Russian accounts.

  3. the only link i care about with dunce and DB is them pulling the plug on fiat and moving it into gold/silver/crypto. i dont want a lambo i want 40,000 acres and 1000 whores, i mean mules.

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