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4 thoughts on “Collusion Was a Seductive Delusion

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  2. Russia if your listening=collusion, doing absolutely nothing to discourage or punish interference is as bad as collusion itself. He is a Russian asshat oops I mean asset. He is not exonerated and quite frankly when America tells him to take a flying leap in 2020 the victory will be sweeter and more damaging to his petty childish ego then any report could. Enjoy whatever you think this is because in the eternal words of Ice Cube “It ain’t over motherfuckers”.

  3. Your partisan delusion does not disprove collusion.

    [Congratulations you took your parties bait, they don’t respect you or your ability to think for yourfuckingself]

    You are a party pig for your criminal political party, but you can’t rape the willing- which makes you complicit in their crimes.

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