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2 thoughts on “Chinagate? Explanation inside

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  2. If you watch any right-wing YouTubers or listen to any of their podcasts, you may have noticed many of them have ExpressVPN as their main sponsor.

    ExpressVPN pretend they’re an American company.

    However, I live in China and know people working for them. **They are Chinese.** They go through great lengths to hide this, and will deny it if you ask them, but now I have definitive proof they are the Chinese company Chengbao.

    One of their new hires accidentally linked both ExpressVPN and Chengbao in his job description. Notice in the image his link for ExpressVPN jobs is actually to Chengbao.

    This is worrying. It’s possible the Chinese are trying to spy on US citizens. If you don’t know how a VPN works, basically a VPN hides your web traffic from your ISP, but in return the VPN company now have access to everything you do online. ExpressVPN have even been previously caught using weak encryption which would allow the Chinese government to spy on all their customers.

    What’s more worrying is people like Ben Shapiro don’t care, and continues to pimp their product onto his listeners.

    Are we going to see a Chinagate at the next election?

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