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Accused Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s Political Connections: A Guide

Accused Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s Political Connections: A Guide

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2 thoughts on “Accused Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s Political Connections: A Guide

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  2. >***Donald Trump***
    >The most notable person to be associated with Jeffrey Epstein is President Donald Trump, who was [**photographed with Epstein at Mar-a-Lago**]( in 1997 and[ **again in 2000**]( with wife Melania and Epstein’s partner, British media mogul heir Ghislaine Maxwell. In fact, in the aforementioned 2002 *New York* Magazine profile of Epstein, Trump crowed about his friend and touted his fondness for younger women: “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” Trump said at the time. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”
    >The high-powered attorney and former member of O.J. Simpson’s defense team represented Epstein in the 2007 case against him and helped broker his plea agreement — which, notably, provided immunity to all “potential co-conspirators.” Dershowitz was also explicitly named in Giuffre’s civil suit, with the lawsuit alleging that the 80-year-old lawyer “was Epstein’s attorney, close friend, and co-conspirator. Dershowitz was also a participant in sex trafficking, including as one of the men to whom Epstein lent out Plaintiff for sex.” A second alleged Epstein victim, a [**woman named Sarah Ransome**](, also named Dershowitz in a civil suit against Epstein and his partner Maxwell, alleging that she was instructed by Maxwell and Epstein to have sex with Dershowitz. Dershowitz has repeatedly and publicly [**denied**]( the allegations, calling Giuffre and Ransome “liars,” prompting Giuffre to file a defamation lawsuit against him back in April.
    >***Bill Barr***
    >Attorney General Bill Barr and Epstein go way back: back in the early 1970s, Barr’s father [**hired Epstein**]( to work as a physics and math teacher at the elite Manhattan private school Dalton, despite the fact that Epstein did not have a college degree. Following Epstein’s arrest, former FBI assistant director Frank Figliuzzi hinted that Barr could “attempt to interfere” with the prosecution of the case, though this would be unlikely given the “obvious” link between the two men. During his confirmation hearings, Barr himself [**said**]( he would likely recuse himself from any involvement with the Epstein case, as he previously served as counsel for the law firm Kirkland and Ellis, which also represented Epstein in negotiating the terms of his 2007 plea agreement. But in an essay for the Daily Beast, former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah expressed concern that Barr wouldn’t keep his word in this regard: “while it pains me to say this, given Barr’s conduct in the past acting more as a defense attorney for Trump than an overseer of justice, I am concerned that Barr might interfere if he thought that Epstein might implicate Trump, who [**was friends with Epstein,” she wrote.**](


    Because this doesn’t represent a conflict of interest at all.

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