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5-27-16 Trump has people who will retrieve Hillary’s emails

On 5/27/16 in San Diego in a campaign speech, Trump – criticizing Hillary’s missing 30,000 emails – said, “I have people that will retrieve her emails.”

10 second clip, 47 minutes into the speech:

Afterward he veered back to the real estate story he’d been telling. I think this is really interesting but nobody ever, ever talks about it. What am I missing? Is this interesting or not?

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5 thoughts on “5-27-16 Trump has people who will retrieve Hillary’s emails

  1. Definitely interesting – and IMO it doesn’t even really matter whether he was telling the absolute truth or stretching it.

    What really matters is that as multiple proofs of collusion continue to pop up, this can serve as further evidence that he **knew** of the collusion.

    I suggest you Tweet this to Seth Abramson to spread it far and wide.

    Of course this will matter not at all to the forever Trumpers, who think collusion is OK because Trump and Giuliani say it is.

    The point really is that this is about patterns of behavior, and this is not normal behavior.

  2. He said the same thing about Obama’s birth certificate. I think it was 60 minutes but he said he had people in Hawaii retrieving the birth certificate. He just poops out words from his orange pie hole.

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